DVC & 'split stays'?


I am SO excited! For our June dates DVC member services said they can get us into Wilderness Lodge Villas, Beach Club, or Animal Kingdom (savannah view). I can’t believe it! Since we’ve become members we’ve NEVER had these options at the 7-month mark, usually everything is full & we are forced to waitlist or stay ‘home’ at SSR.

Anyway, I am having SUCH a hard time deciding that I am considering a ‘split stay.’ 4 nights at AKV and 4 nights at Beach Club. Is this a pain in the neck, especially with the dining plan? I was told it becomes 2 seperate reservations & you have to re-check in, pay for the dining plan again, etc… just like you were starting over again.

I don’t want the trouble but I can’t believe there is such availability! I miss the Animal Kingdom Lodge SO much but we’ve NEVER been able to get the Beach Club!



I’m pretty sure that is how it would be done. They would take care of your luggage for you though if you want to look ont he bright side.


I’d jump at the chance. We really love AKL. The only drawback is repacking. When you are ready to leave, you just take your stuff to bell service and ask them to move the bags to beach club. You could call for help, but then you might need to wait for someone to show up.
The dining plan is still active the last day, so you don’t need to rush over to beach club to checkin. (unless you used up all your credits early) I’d plan to make moving day an Epcot or DHS day so you could walk over to the hotel in the afternoon and check in, that way you will have new credits for a meal that you planned at Epcot or DHS and no buses to worry about.


to be honest for my dec stay it is 3 seperate ressies so i will see how it works. i just called to cancel my may trip but now im thinking about rebooking


Funny- we are doing a split stay at AKV and BC in April! The only issue I see is that you might have to watch your dining credits carefully so you don’t lose any from the first resort (since they expire the day you check out, as you know) Otherwise, take advantage of BC availability for sure!!!


Since you visit WDW often, I dont think a split stay would be a huge deal. If you were someone who only visited once every several years I would not want to lose the time. I did one split stay b/w POR and AKL and probably lost about a half day when it was all said and done.

In your situation (no kids and AP’s) I would go for it! The experience of both resorts will be worth it!


We do split stays all the time and haven’t had a problem with it. It can be a pain but I think it can be worth it. If we can I pack one suitcase for the first half of the trip and one suitcase for the second half of the trip so we don’t unpack everything and have to repack it all before we move. We usually pack 2 checked bags between the three of us so this is easy for me to do, I just put half our stuff in each bag.

As often as you go I think this could be worth it for you. You get to try two resorts in one trip, one new one and one favorite one.


Hmm, I am still undecided & I have to call in the morning! :pinch: Daniel wants to do the whole 8 nights at AKV but I am DYING to get into Stormalong Bay, especially since it will be in June & warm out. I’ve NEVER had the opportunity to stay at Beach Club!! It’s always booked solid & our waitlist never came through. Daniel seems to think the bus service is going to stink (like when we stayed at Boardwalk w/all he bus sharing) & it’s just not ‘his cup of tea!’ ARGH!

Hmmm, what to do… what to do.


I know it’s not always the case but we almost never share a bus with all 5 resorts. The last few trips it’s been Y&BC sharing one bus and Swan, Dolphin, and BW sharing another bus.


Yeah, I’m sure it’s gotten somewhat better. I hope! :pinch:

Does anyone have any ‘downside’ comments about staying at Beach Club?


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;907576]Yeah, I’m sure it’s gotten somewhat better. I hope! :pinch:

Does anyone have any ‘downside’ comments about staying at Beach Club?[/QUOTE]

It’s been good for us and we always use the bus system to get around, however, I understand that isn’t always the case.

Downside? I’ll have to pass that one off to someone else since I can’t think of any.:laugh:


[QUOTE=DisneyTeacher;907577]It’s been good for us and we always use the bus system to get around, however, I understand that isn’t always the case.

Downside? I’ll have to pass that one off to someone else since I can’t think of any.:laugh:[/QUOTE]

See, the only thing that has me a LITTLE worried about staying at AKV in Kidani Village the whole time is that it says “phase 1” is opening in May '09. So does that mean if we have a savannah view we’re going to be staring at construction of ‘phase 2’ the whole time? I also wonder when Kidani Village opens in May if the new restaurant, pool area, etc… will also all be open?


I think I’d start my trip at the Beachclub and finish at AKL. If Daniel isn’t thrilled with BC, you have AKL to look forward to and end your trip on a happy note. I don’t see any downsides to BC, you can walk to two parks, have Stormalong Bay, the Boardwalk & Surrey Bikes at your convenience. I think you should try the split. We do it almost every trip, (cash room a couple of nights, points the rest of vacation) only because I refuse to pay 30-something points for a weekend night when I can get a 5 night vacation at HiltonHead for 40 points…we just like to stretch our points out for more vacations!


Hey Wish- I disliked the long bus rides from AKV- it probably equals any bus situation at BC. Also- BC is literally STEPS to Epcot. I know how much you love that park! I think I"d do the split stay and enjoy a piece of each.


I know, I know. Before we were DVC members we tried to stay at AKL as much as possible when we could afford it, it was my ABSOLUTE favorite resort. I was obsessed with it! :laugh: Some of the bus rides were long but I just LOVE the resort so much it didn’t matter. We haven’t stayed at AKL in like 4-5 years so I am missing it terribly.

Although, I know what kind of treasure it is to be able to actually GET a Beach Club reservation. We stayed at Boardwalk & LOVED walking to EPCOT and MGM. The only reason I’d stay at Beach Club though is for Stormalong Bay. The decor & atmosphere does nothing for me, I feel like I am at home. :laugh: I think I like the ‘escapism’ of AKL or WL, totally different than where I live.


I gasped when I read that but reading on I understand why you feel that way. I don’t like near an ocean, not even close, so the theme is an escape for us.


Who knows, I guess I’ll sleep on it. I just talked to Daniel about it again over dinner and even though our conversation ended with the exasperated ‘do what you want’ comment he seemed REALLY adamant about not wanting to change resorts. :pinch: He says he doesn’t want to re-pack, we keep breakfast perishables in our DVC fridge that would have to be thrown away & re-bought at the next resort, he doesn’t want to worry about re-paying for the dining plan & keeping track of all the credits [even though I am ALWAYS the one to do so], and he said it would waste a whole 1/2 day switching.

Ugh, ok… I really thought the split stay would be a good compromise but apparantly not. :laugh: I could be the mean wife & just book the split stay 'cause I really want to swim in Stormalong Bay & assume he’ll get over it by June. OR, I could be the considerate wife and just stay at AKV for 8 nights. :pinch:

Yeah, I’ll sleep on this. :laugh:


Yeah see, and the Boardwalk is even worse for us. :laugh: I LIVE on the Jersey Shore, my whole summer is boardwalks & everything that comes with it. :laugh: They are both gorgeous & neat resorts but the Beach Club looks like every higher end restaurant around here & the decor looks like all my neighbor’s houses [notice I didn’t say my house :laugh:].

Wilderness Lodge & AKL on the other hand is like a whole different & exciting world to me!

… notice that the more I talk this through I think I am bringing myself to a decision. :laugh:


I can tell you are…


I have to agree with the decor, but I would LOVE to try Stormalong Bay sometime…we’re staying at BWV (we do like that decor) in the Spring and considered BC, but Stormalong is closed for renovations. :frown: So we’re going to just stay put at BWV…BWV just seems “fresher” and less stuffy to us I guess. I just love the fact that we can walk to 2 parks!