DVC Studio - Pull Out Sofas - Comfy?


We are contemplating whether to book a studio or a 2 bedroom when we use our DVC this year.

The studio would save us alot of points to either bank or rent but the 2 bedroom does look very nice and relaxing. It would be 2 adults & 2 teens.

My son’s question is on the comfort of the pull out sofa bed in the studios. If you’ve used one before please let me know your thoughts. Was it comfy? Large enough for two? etc.

Also, my son is requesting a pic of a DVC sofa bed that is pulled out if anyone has one to post.

Thanks for the input!


Why not a one bedroom? Then you’ll have a full kitchen and the privacy of a bedroom. We’ve often used the pull-out bed. It depends on the Resort - the ones in the new resorts like SSR are really comfy - the older resorts seem to be changing over to the new ones - so I would say there’s only a slight chance of getting the “older” kind at this point in time. And they weren’t bad either. I would say they pull out to Queen size. They definitely seem larger than a double bed.


We always stay in a studio…2 adults 2 kids…now teens. The new-style pullout sofa at SSR in 2005 was very comfy and plenty of room for 2 11yo. However, we’re staying at a studio in March at BWV and I’m concerned there won’t be enough room for them (DS is 6’+ and DD is 5’8ish) or it’s the old style sofabed, so we’re taking twin air mattresses as a backup.


It seems really random, in the room we had at the Boardwalk the pullout was super comfortable. We’ve stayed at SSR twice, the first time it was comfy & great but this past November we got one that was hard as a rock, I think I referred to it in my TR as “a children’s nap mat on a concrete slab”!! Daniel’s sister ended up staying with his parents at AKL b/c the pullout in our room was so bad.


We stayed at BCV, BWV, abd SSR and all 3 had nice new pull out sofas. I slept on the one at SSR (when my DH was sick) and it was the best I’ve ever seen.