DVC Tax info


I started with DVC last January and was wondering if we will be recieving any tax info so we can get write offs on our taxes this year.


Mine was in the mail when I picked it up on Thursday.


Thank you I will keep an eye on the mail


Does anyone else know anything about there DVC tax stuff because I still have not recieved anything


I’m not sure what you’re looking for. Are you looking for loan/interest information?


I haven’t gotten mine yet either… i think its a 1099 form?


Something like this to show our interest so we can use DVC as a write off


I bet you get it this week, it has to be postmarked by the 31st.


I haven’t received mine. I thought I did but it turned out to be my 35 cent dividend from my 1 share of Disney stock! I had a good laugh.


The interest statements need to be mailed by Jan 31st by law. If you don’t have it by the first week of Feb, I would call them. I haven’t received mine yet either.