DVC timeshare rental companies


Friends of ours have 4 children, so they are looking to rent DVC timeshare points, instead of booking a hotel on property. I only know of dvcrentalstore.com
Does anyone know of any other companies or people that rent DVC points, that I can tell them about?
Thanks for the help!!


dvcrequest.com We used them and it was easy. I’ve rented from members twice and it was easy too! I know mouseowners.com has a rental thread also.


We had a good discussion about it on here the other day and I still support DVCRentalstore.com. They have been great for me and my friends. I can’t say enough good things about them.


Here’s what I think. Both the above companies have been in business for a while. One is less expensive then the other. If these companies were not both good at what they do, they would not be around anymore. Disney pays attention!