DVC to start charging members $95 fee


Effective 1/1/08 they are planning on a $95 fee for all reservations and changes for anything other than a DVC resort, including the WDW hotels & resorts. :mad: :angry:

It doesn’t matter if it’s a one day stay or a hundred days. Same $95 charge. Make a change outside DVC, $95. :eek:

Strikes me as down right un-neighborly, and really kills a major perk of DVC - flexability to split your vaction up and stay different places. Plus, as often as not, I haven’t been able to find the accomodations at DVC resorts on the days I have available. (I’m not one to plan 12 months ahead but then again it’s all about flexability to me.)

Considering the $$$ we have spent to buy into DVC, with the promise of flexability, and all the money we spend above and beyond annual dues (passes, food, merchandise, etc.) this really stinks.

I have sent an email to member services to express my opinion, and suggest you do the same.




Yeah, I DO NOT like that what so ever. ESPECIALLY considering I have used my member points to stay at two different Disneyland Hotels the past couple years. So accourding to this, they’d charge me $95. to make a reservation at a Disneyland Hotel? How is that even FAIR when there are NO CURRENT DVC accomodations available there. NOT FAIR!!!


I just took this from the DVC members website under the “news” section:

“Consistent Transaction Fee for Member Getaways Exchanges
In order to maintain consistent service and to ensure efficient processing, transaction fees at non-Disney Vacation Club Resort locations will be standardized to $95. Starting January 1, 2008, Member Getaways exchanges in The Disney Collection, Concierge Collection, Adventurer Collection and World Passport Collection will charge a non-refundable $95 fee for booking or changing reservations. Reservations at the eight Disney Vacation Club Resorts and the three resort hotels at Disneyland® Resort in California will not require a transaction fee.”

So, accourding to that blurb, the fee will NOT apply to any of the 8 DVC resorts in WDW or to any of the 3 resorts in Disneyland. OK, but if you want to use your points to book a couple nights at ANY other non-DVC WDW resort, etc. the fee WILL apply. Ehhh, probably won’t effect me but SOO not fair! What is this fee covering? I don’t get it. What does it COST them to let us use OUR points at the Polynesian is we want to? Goodness, it already costs ENOUGH “points-wise” to do that. I am calling tomorrow, NOT FAIR!


That’s awful!! It’s so not what Disney tells you when you are looking to buy in.


Sorry, I am just having a little bit of ajeda right now, let me vent about 2008 for a moment please…

-$95. fee for non-dvc bookings…

-$50. increase on annual passes (2 adults), that’s an extra $100.

-taking out tiping on the DDP, that adds about $105-$155. to our average weeklong trip.

ok, not to mention that my property taxes have gone up $200 PER QUARTER, home owner’s insurance increase, gas prices, etc… etc… etc…

I am really starting to sweat here. :mellow: (or cry :crying:)

Done. sorry. thank you.


I totally dont agree with this charge at all. Im very happy that we bought into the DVC and as we all know its not that cheap. Why do they feel the need to charge us money to make a reservation outside of the main Disney resorts? I can see paying something if you cancel your reservation with a certain date but thats about all.
I dont know is it just me or does it seem that Disney is making us pay more for stuff in the DVC but not adding any member perks etc?


We have paid that fee the last two trips to Keystone (2001 and 2005), so I guess this has always applied to the conceige collection.


Yes, it is a shame. I feel for you. I’m glad I made the decision not to buy into DVC this year. This only further proves to me that I made the right decision.

However, the property tax part, that’s how it goes in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey. My entire family is suffering through that (my parents pay $1000 a MONTH in property tax in Shamong; yes, it’s a big house but STILL). Taxes and fees are a part of life in NJ yet voters never seem to have the gumption to do something about it. Sorry, I know I’m off topic here but this topic really bugs me because it affects my family so much. Meanwhile, I paid $569 this year TOTAL (my house would be about $4500/year in NJ) and it’s getting cut by 50% next tax bill. No, I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, just letting you know it doesn’t have to be like the Peoples Republic of…


yes I do not like this sort of transaction ,but if enough people express their discontent maybe just maybe they will reconsider,also disney under Iger has made many missteps,maybe they should go private and stop worrying about wall street


Using a timeshare exchange service like CRI or II, you are paying a 3rd party to make the exchange. When you book outside Disney collection, that’s what you are doing, and I don’t have a problem with that. I DO have a problem within the Disney collection. We were sold on flexability, and they have made that option MUCH less desirable.

:eek: I may even sell my DVC. :eek: While it’s a good deal if you stay at DVC resorts, it is much less so if you take short trips like I do and end up staying at non DVC resorts.

While I’ve NEVER thought of DVC as an investment, I’d be better off selling and using the money as downpayments on another couple of rental houses!

IF you are a member and don’t like the change, use the link in the 1st post and tell them about it!


Thats why I am affraid to go for the DVC. Added charges that pop up.


they just keep nickel and diming us to death…


Welcome back Chris, and you are right they do nickel and dime us to death. Over the last 15 years I have seen many changes that reinforce this view.

Disney should be thinking twice about mistreating passionate Disney lovers that have given so much, they face the chance of not only turning current owners but future generations.

I guess they think there are enough of us fools out there that they can keep on nickel and diming us.


I haven’t received any response to my comments to the “member satisfaction team” - has anyone else emailed or called to complain about this.

Don’t expect them to make an immediate change to the policy, but darn it I’ve got ALOT of money “invested” and I really don’t think a simple “thank you for your comments” it too much to ask for.


OK - I was given the WRONG email address - here is the correct one.


If you’ve sent them an email resend it with the correct address - just copy and paste. If you haven’t send them one to let them know we should NEVER have to pay fee to book at any DISNEY property!


The CORRECTED email address does work. I’ve gotten an auto reply from them.

We have already seen perks reduced…annual pass discounts cut from $100 to $50, etc.

DVC Members…if you don’t like this fee idea you HAVE to let them know.
If we don’t complain, this trend will continue.

What I would really like to see is them upgrade the member site to include online booking. MANY resort sites have that, and while it would be a little more difficult than punching in your credit card number to pay with points, it’s not impossible.


Well, I sent in my two cents.


I just sent in my two cents. I told them that we have invested in the Disney Company and should be allowed to stay at any Disney Resort without being charged a fee. We invested in Disney - We should be able to Get Disney … :angry:


Lets face it, they won’t back down.


I don’t become a member until next month, however, rest assured that I will email them when I do become a member. I find it disturbing that they promote the benefits of exchange and flexibility and then uni-laterally decide to add a fee of $95 for a reservation that they boast about.

I am surprised not many owners have voiced a negative opinion