DVC tote bags


I was reading on Disboards about people getting the tote bags. Some got three and four of them (with each add on) some never got one. So I’m curious, did you get one when you joined and did you get one with add ons?


Yes, we got one when we joined. Have not added on to say about that one.


We have one, but I never use it when traveling to Disney because I feel guilty. You see, two years ago, we signed up for DVC. The week after, I was informed our bank was being bought out, and the chances of me keeping my job were slim. So, cancelled DVC (cried for two days straight!). So, I got one with the initial sign up, but won’t use it until I am an official DVC owner, which I’m hoping is in the very near future.


I got one when we originally joined (I think that was in jan. '06) and have used it SO frequently that it literally started fraying at the outer seam. When we added on with BLT I mentioned what happened to my tote & my guide OFFERED to send me another one. I would never expect another one just because.


The DVC Tote Bag Police have been looking for that bag. :laugh:

I’ve gotten a tote with every contract purchase. I’ve even given some away. Not sure if I have any extra now or not.

The best one I have I won on a DCL cruise at the member welcome home party.


We got one when we first joined but didn’t get one when we added with BLT. I wrote to MS just to ask and was told I probably got some other incentive. I didn’t notice that on the list of incentives,… disney card, DP, cruise or tote bag. Which one would you choose, duh!


Only got one when we first joined not with the add-on


We got one when we bought. Like Wish, I’ve used it so much that I could use another one. maybe my guide would send us one if I asked.


Our bag is more of a backpack which we got when we purchased in 2003. It’s cute, but I don’t use it alot 'cuz I don’t want to mess it up. Our friends that signed up last summer got a really nice tote. We haven’t done an add-on…yet.


We got one when we joined and again when we added on. I never really use it, I find a backpack easier, but I always seem to take it and fill it up, how I am not sure!


I actually got 2 when I joined. One when they sent me my contracts and anothwer when they re sent the contracts. They spelled my legal name wrong.


I got one when I purchased. When I was buying, I did notice people walking out of there who bought an add on who DIDN’T get the tote. They are trying to save $$ apparantly, and only give the tote with new contracts. However, each guide is different. You might get lucky with some, and not others.


I also like the DVC pins, other than trading for them how do people get the pins?


I want another bag…who’s this guide that’s giving out all the tote bags? Names people, I want names and I want them now. :laugh:


I got a case of beer.
Those guys really know their audience.


See, my guide told me that it wasn’t up to him. When we were doing the BLT contract he said he was making a note on my contract & it was up to THAT department whether to send me another one or not. :smile:


We got a bag when we initially bought into DVC. I use it as a carry-on every trip; it is the perfect size and is easy to stow on the airplane. We got another when we added points on to our membership. That one I’m saving until the first wears out!


That’s so odd. Why would some people get it with every contract and others just when they join DVC? If they are having a good day, every body gets bags,…rotten day, no body gets a bag.:confused::blink:


I got one tote when we originally signed up in 2000. We have added on twice since and did not get another tote.:frown:


We got another tote today when we added on but we got it from the woman we “closed” with…