DVC tours


Ok we got a card in the mail today saying that if we do a timeshare tour for DVC they will give us a $50 gift card. How high pressure is the salespeople for this tour. I would not mind doing it just to see one of the properties however there is no way right now that we could afford to purchase another timeshare.


We haven’t done the tour but I’ve heard it’s pretty low pressure. I know when we bought our guide was not low pressure, she was NO pressure. She listened and heard what we wanted and was patient while we waited for exactly what we wanted. I think we waited a couple of years from our first contact and she didn’t call or mail us anything until we called her back and told her we were ready to buy.

Good luck, I hope you take the tour. We love our DVC and have not regretted buying in.


Our guide was so low pressure, I felt bad wasting his time. Although we did buy in a few months later, THAT day we just went to see what is was about.

A regret I would have about buying DVC is not being really really prepared. I had done research on how the program worked, but after the fact I didn’t really research ALL the resorts, or use yrs, or resell market. We had only seen SSR. The next yr we stayed at BCV for the first time, and wondered why didn’t we buy there. In other words, I thought I was prepared, but really wasn’t FULLY informed.

It’s not that we didn’t ask questions, but we didn’t know ALL the questions to ask.

Now after all that doom and gloom, we love it. We bought in in 2006. Since then we’ve taken at least 10 trips in studios for DH and I. Gave our DS a one bedroom for his honeymoon. Took two trips in 2 bedrooms with my DD and family. One trip where DH and I had a studio and across the hall DS and family had a studio. One trip in a one bedroom for us and DD and DGD. And another all family trip where we all had studios.

We’ve had so many family trips, on one trip DD was going down without us, DGD exclaimed “I can’t wait to see grandma and grandpa”.:sad::wub:


so we would not mine doing this tour but do not want to take a half day to do this.


DVC Guides (AKA real estate sales people) are different that other timeshare folks. They won’t lock you in a room and not let you out until you buy.

Actually, it’s got to be one of the easiest RE sales jobs out there. Location, location, location.

A lot of them are members also.


Thanks We just might have to do this just to see what they look like.