DVC & Typhoon Lagoon


My family just got back from WCW a week ago tomorrow and I was pleasantly surprised at DVD letting the club members and their guests enter the park for some evening fun at no cost. The had snacks and lemonade including mickey bars for free. A Dj provided entertainment and regular food and adult beverages were available for purchase. It was nice to see so many members. The oldest in my party was 70 and the youngest was 9 and everyone had a great time.


We went to Typhoon Lagoon the other night too. We had a great time even though it looked like it might be a wash because of the rain. However, the weather cleared just in time and we had a blast. We didn’t stsy until 12:30 because my guys had an esy tee time the next morning but we made it most of the night. We hadn’t been to TL in years so it was fun to go and compare it to Blizzard Beach. DVC did a nice job, we were impressed from start to finish.


We are going back in November and I hope they do another dvc event somewhere. I doubt the water will be as nice in November, but I am open to whatever they may have since I never participated in the Welcome Home Wednesdays and now they stopped having them.


What resort did you stay at? We are trying to stay at most of them at least once.


We never got around to the Welcome home Wednesday either. One trip we were staying at BCV and I had planned to go, but the afternoon was pouring rain. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the room to walk over.

I’m also hoping they come up with something for every season.


We stayed at Beach Club Villas again this year. We don’t vary much but we have stayed at Boardwalk Villas, Saratoga Springs, and Beach Club Villas (along with several non-DVC resorts). We like BVC the best, it just seems to fit us and we love the location. I was surprised last summer when my son and I spent a week at SSR and really enjoyed our stay. We stsyed there users ago and it was ok, not good or bad. Last summer we had a beautiful one bedroom in an awesome location. The location made our stay, we were steps from the bus stop, pool, and counter service food.