DVC vs AP Rates vs buying points


I was wondering which would be the better one to choose. Cash room with a DVC discount, AP discount or renting points from online site from another member. We are looking at extending our upcoming vacation in september and dont have enought points. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks so much. Have a Magical Day.


The DVC discount is usually 25% and AP rates usually vary from 15-35% depending on the resort category. The AP rate may beat the DVC discount but probably not be enough of a savings to justify buying the AP if you weren’t already planning on getting it. I’ve rented points before and had good luck but there is a risk involved. I rented from someone here on MouseBuzz so I felt like a ‘knew’ the member so I was confident everything would be fine and it was. Another option is a point transfer so you have control of the reservation. It’s more difficult to get because of the one transfer rule but you may find someone who is willing to do it.


I think renting points is the way to go! I have had great luck!


Renting points will almost always come out cheaper even when compared to value lodging. None of the DVC units are value but more oftern than not renting is as cheap or cheaper than paying rack rate even at value, and most of the time its’ just a cheap to rent compared to promotions. The only time Iive seen that I couldn’t beat the promotions was during a buy 4 and get 3 free and if even then it was still cheaper to rent other than value which was about the same.

Cheapest studio low season will run about $100. Rack rate for the same room is about $250 with tax. which would discount to $163 with 35% discount.

Really depends on where and when.


Thanks for all the info… We decided not to add days to our vacation so I wont have to worry about which is better etc. We are thinking of buying more points but Im thinking on waiting to see when the POLY DVC is available. Thanks again everyone.