DVC wait list


Is this right? I just called member services to change to a different resort at 7 months. Aside from a day here and then, my choices were booked. Our trip is for 13 days. I asked about a wait list. She said she could only a 7 day wait list. I would need to call back on the 8 to check for a wait list for the 8 to 15 but then I could also get one for the 2 thru the 8. Does this make sense? I have never dealt with the new booking system. Last time it was from the date you checked out.


I just called MS again. I told the story and MS didn’t know why the other person said I had to wait till the 8. We are guessing I was told that so I could do a wait list for the whole trip (13 nights) and not break it up. But there was no reason why I couldn’t wait list now for 7 nights and then call back and waitlist the rest of the trip.


The second makes more sense to me and that’s what I was always told but I haven’t book sense our last trip. Sending Pixie Dust and prayers so you get what your hoping for!