Dvc waitlist reality check?


Hi all,
Ok, so I really need a DVC waitlist reality check…sure, we all want to be optimistic and, sure, “ya never know…” blah blah blah…
but seriously. What is the likelikhood of a waitlist becoming reality?
Here is my situation:

We are booked at AKV, Kidani Village in a savannah view studio (oops…I’m sorry, “deluxe studio”:happy:), from December 4-11, which was booked right at the 11 month mark, as AKV is our home resort. We are waitlisted for the same dates in a MK view studio at BLT, and a studio at VWL. Now, I’m pretty sure that we won’t get the BLT waitlist, but is it a REAL possibility that we’ll get VWL? I called to book either BLT or VWL right on the 7 month mark, but there was NO availability. I have owned DVC for a few years, but have never done the waitlist thing, so it’s a new experience.

(just a side rant about the fact that is is the “low” season in DVC terms, and there is still no availability? BLT is understandable, but WL?? It’s not even that new. The cast member said that there was virutally NO availability for a studio at any DVC resort during that time-except for saratoga. If that is the “low” season, I’d hate to see high season. AND, it’s not even like I waited until the last minute. I was right on top of it at the 7 month mark. Again, I understand it’s December, and because it’s the low season, it will get booked by DVC members, BUT, it’s considered low FOR DVC members…I mean, if all the rooms are booked, wouldn’t that make it high season?? Ok, rant over)

Sooo…should we just resign ourselves to our stay at Kidani (which is beautiful, mind you…we love it there, but are really dying to try BLT and/or WVL), or, should we hold out hope that our waitlist may come true??
I’d love to hear personal experiences, not just the “well, ya never know, anything is possible, etc.” (I heard that from the DVC rep already…Not to be too cynical or anything :pirate::laugh:)
Thanks for honest feedback!


I’ve always thought early December was a VERY busy time for DVC resorts because of the lower points, lower crowds, and the Christmas decorations. I have also read that VWL is hard to book in December because it’s a very popular at Christmas. Members love to go when the points are lowest so availability is going to be tight.

Good luck with your waitlist. The couple of times we used the waitlist it’s come through but for summer, not early December.


I have also heard early December was a busy time for DVC resorts. It’s “low” for the other resorts. I have gotten my waitlist, but it was for Jan. and May. You still have up to 7 days before to stay on the list. Good Luck!!


We joined DVC a few years ago. So far we’ve done 2 trips early dec, 2 trips in late sept, and one trip in late may. We have points at SSR and have yet to stay there. We’ve stayed at BCV, BWV, AKV, and VWL. All with booking at 7 months and probably most with a wait list.


thanks for the “good luck” wishes…I hope it works out. Jo-jo’s response gives me some hope that it might work out.
The other points about it being busy due to the holiday decorations, low crowds and low points make total sense to me. In fact, that’s the reason we’re going in December! But, I just wanted to see what the REALISTIC likelihood, based on the experiences of others, might be that the waitlist comes through…
We’re on a waitlist with RCI for August too, but that makes more sense to me because, not only did we wait until a few weeks ago to try to book, but it is “high” travel season for much of vacationers in this country…I didn’t think that 7 months out for “low” season at DVC would warrant the waitlist, but it does make sense…
just hope that our luck turns out like jo-jo’s, and also, that, because it will be crowded with DVC folks, it doesn’t FEEL too crowded…
thanks again for the responses…love to hear about any other experiences with wait lists…


We’ve had about 85% good luck with our waitlists. Actually, now that I think of it only once or twice did it NOT come through for us. Not sure if there is a science to it, or just pixie dust is needed but I wish you luck!


For my trip this past december I was waitlisted and got what i wanted


We’ve never got any waitlist… I’m happy to hear that so many Mbers have, though. We’re on one now- I called at the exact 7 month mark for AKV. We have a ressie at Beach Club (one of home resorts), but we’d like to stay at AKV again. Good luck!


I’m happy to hear that so many MBers have gotten their waitlists, too-gives me some more hope! (YAY!) Again, not that I’m complaining to stay at AKV again…just want a new experience!
Ok, so Part 2 of my question-to all you folks who have had your waitlists come through, APPROXIMATELY how far in advance did it happen? Was it VERY last minute, a few months, weeks, etc.??
Of course, I know that it will likely not be the same for everyone, and that there isn’t a real “science” to it, but I’d just like to hear what everyone’s experience has been. Thanks again!!


Wait lists are hit and miss. You never know.

Like others have said, the first two weeks are actually busy because DVC members know a good time to go when they see one. It USED to be a secret, but SOMEBODY obviously blabbed.


if we go the 1st week of december - we have not gotten anything we were waitlisted fore, but the 2nd week seems to be much more favorable to get moved…keep your fingers crossed and good luck…