DVC website grrrrrr


11 months from TODAY is our next trip (we hope), yesterday I banked a few points into the next yr we may need for the trip. Today at 755, I go online, put in all the details, right at 8AM, I hit continue. The whole week is available, I go to book it and it tells me I don’t have enough points. WHAT??? I have enough points. I tried again. Nope…Try a third time, but now the first day is gone. MS doesn’t open until 9AM. tick tock tick tock Now the second day is gone. grrrrr…

9 AM, I call. Press one for this…at 9:01, the wait time is 4 mins. Get t0 CM, I tell her I’m trying to book nov 30 to Dec 7. I tell her the story, she tells me there is nothing the first two days. I said there was at 8 AM WHEN I FIRST TRIED TO BOOK. May I speak to a supervisor. She says yes, but first let me set up a wait list. I spoke rather strongly …I ALREADY DID THAT. I’m sorry for being upset with you, but I’ve lost days and it’s not my fault.

So after a few mins, she comes back and a waitlist was filled. So I got my days, but they are on hold, not booked yet. I’m crossing use yrs and the computer doesn’t like that. The website doesn’t say anything that (it used to, but at least not this morning). So she said it may take awhile before I get a confirmation email.

Now she says, I’m going to bank the rest of your 2014 points into 2015 and use those points for the trip. I said No, I don’t have to. At first she says yes, to use up the oldest points first. But I’m telling her I don’t NEED to bank those points to book the trip. She agrees, no I don’t have to use the 2014 points, but then what am I going to use them for??? HUH??? I told her I don’t like to bank or borrow unless absolutely necessary. I told her , we don’t have plans, but we may take another trip in the spring. Well, if you take a trip in the spring, you can use SSR points. I don’t know why, she felt it was oh so important to bank those BLT points.

Anyway the points are being used the way I wanted. Now I just have to wait for the confirmation email.

Time to take the blood pressure meds. :laugh:


It still amazes me that they have spent over $1 billion on MyMagic+ but they still have enormous hiccups with their other in place systems. Seems to me they should have spent some of that time and money fixing their current systems first.

Glad your waitlist came through for you though.


The waitlist was all of an hour old. Don’t know if it was really filled or just words.

But I’m still waiting to hear back. But after checking another site, it seems I’m not the only one that is waiting to hear back from MS.

Yes, agree with your thought on money being spent. Like painting a house that has termites. It looks good, but it’s ready to fall apart.


As of this morning, that is 5 working days, my reservation showed up. I had noticed my point count had changed and there it was. And an email was sent.

So happy to see something in black and white, not just being held by MS.


I am not a DVC member- but I don’t think I could stand this… This is crazy! There is no reason it should be that hard…


Well it used to be you couldn’t book a room crossing use years. But when I went to book, it didn’t say anything about not being able to do it, so I booked or tried. It sounds like they made the DVC page look good without fixing everything computer wise.

But yes, I was a bit nervous as I watched all the days being booked and I only was being told “the days are being held”. But it did work.


Disney IT for you…