DVC Website


Is anyone as frustrated as I am with the newly formatted DVC website? This site has locked up my computer more times than I care to mention. Then I just spend about 30 minutes reserving Hoop-de-doo-Review reservations only to get an error message at the very end that the server was busy and to try again later. That was after I just spend 30 minutes getting all my information in. :crying::crying:


I really don’t like the new site. I’m always having problems with it too. I wish they would go back to the old site. you know the one that worked.


Thank you - I thought it was just me this time.


Like I have said before Disney and computers don’t mix…they spend more money for the least amount of service…they are constantly breaking and fixing it “constantly”…I cannot sign in because I need to upgrade my browser problem is I have IE 10 …and the ability to dongrade to IE 9 …and it previously worked …also the old WDW web site used to be able to give park hours for 10 days straight…now I have to drudge thru day-day-day…lost dining reservations …etc…


Quite frankly - it terrifies me. I’m always afraid of hitting a link and losing all my points. We made our reservations for our Sept trip online - then we wanted to make a change, but I didn’t dare try it - I ended up calling DVC. When I told her I was nervous about changing the reservation online she laughed and said she heard that a lot. So no, I don’t like it at all. And it’s always down.


I wonder if it has to deal with the volume of information on their site and the number of people using it at once… it could be a problem. I wonder why they can’t fix it!


All of all this is part of next gen…and the my Disney experience…and some salesman now retired and bought a small island on the commission…hahahahaha