Dvc website


Can anyone get into the dvc web site? It’s asking for my activation code. I would have to hunt for that since I got it yrs ago and only needed it once.

I was going book rooms today. :mad::crying:


I just tried and I can get in to the website. It might be easier if you just call them. I’m always having trouble with the DVC site, since the upgraded it. Good luck with getting the location that you want.


Thanks for checking.

I did get in and booked a few days at BLT for ourselves and for DS and family. In a few days I’ll book rest of the trip using SSR points. I’m hoping to get another day at BLT and the rest at BCV but will have to wait until the 7 month window. It will be our DGS’s first trip to disney. He will be just over 2 yrs old.


No fair…didn’t you just get back, and now setting up a new trip? Just kidding…I’m actually kind of jealous, and happy for you all at the same time!


It’s worst than you thought.:laugh: The rooms I just booked are for a trip 11 months from now. We have a trip at the end of sept with DD and family. So that will make three trips in one yr. One with just DH and I, one with us and DD and family, and then one with us and DS and family.


That’s what the DVC is for!:happy:


Yup. We joined 7 yrs ago and and enjoyed it greatly. Even though you throw a boatload of money at them and have dues every yr, we would have never, never stayed in the rooms we do. The trip in sept we are in a 2 bedroom savanna room for 6 night. It would cost 6 grand. Even if you added some discount, it would be at least 4 grand.


Sounds like some nice trips coming up. Have fun planning, and I can’t wait to hear all about them!


Did you check for dues bounce? :laugh:


No, we pay by credit card. I did get the numbers off your disney visa correct, didn’t I. :whistling:whistling:laugh:


Hard to say, the numbers on mine are worn off. :laugh: