Can someone please explain this to me or direct me to what this is how it works and what it means? I’ve done exhaustive searches and all I come up with are people trying to sell it with no explanation or leave me more confused than when I went to the site.


DVC is a timeshare but it works a little differenty than a typical timeshare. YOu buy points that you can use when and where you want, you don’t buy a certain week of the year at a certain resort.

We own 200 points at Beach Club Villas. We can stay in a studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom (at certain resorts that have that type of room). We can book one night or as many as we want until we run out of points. We can book at our home resort at 11 months out and any other DVC resort at 7 months out.

Look through the DVC referral thread if you would like a referral for a guide or you can call DVC and request information to be sent to you.

The price of points just went up but I have heard a rumor that there might be a discount coming if you have a referral from a current member.


so if i got on this thing i wouldnt have one room for a week? because i always do a week worth of disney


It depends on how many points you own, what size room you want, what resort you’re staying at, and what time of you plan to go.

We own 200 points at BCV. They will get us about 10 nights in a studio during hte summer. We paid about $20,000 for the points to buy in and we pay about $950 in annual dues each year.


You can buy as many points as you like. I will give you an example. We bought 200 points to use each year. For those 200 points, we had a huge 1-bedroom villa at Boardwalk Villas for 6 days at Christmas. Plus we had a studio at Boardwalk Villas for one night. We are also staying at Caribbean Beach for two nights next month. And I still haven’t used all my points, so I may even book a night or two in New York City!

When you talk to your guide, he or she will give you a listing of how many points it takes to stay in the different places. For instance, our Boardwalk Villa 1-bedroom on Christmas night cost us 24 points. That’s premium season!

You also can choose to use your points at non-Disney places. How does a week in Hawaii at a luxurious beach resort sound? Or skiing in Colorado… (wow, I sound like a brochure… LOL)

Anyway, you need to get a guide right away. They can give you so much information. there is a referral thread here on MB so you can decide if you’d like to use one of our guides.

Basically, the bottom line is that you will make your investment back after a few trips, In our case, we will have more than made up our investment after just 5 years. After that, we will just be paying the annual feel of $80/month for the same amount of vacation time! Tha tmakes it cheap – especially since you go every year.


You should know that when you talk to a guide, they also have all sorts of offers and discounts and free points and so forth as incentives. The specials change all the time. When we were dealing with our guide, the company was actively selling AKL memberships, and htey were offering all sorts of extra points, gift cards, free trips and so forth.

When you get a guide, you will be amazed at how many bonuses there are. We would have been delighted with our purchase even without the bonuses, but it was a nice touch!


I like to refer to your DVC points as a ‘refillable debit card.’ Let’s say you buy the basic package of 160 points that get issued to you every August. You can ‘spend’ those points however you’d like. Go to WDW in August for 3 nights in a studio room, then go again in November for 7 nights in a studio again. OR, use your 160 points on one bigger trip, you can use your nights HOWEVER you want.

Some resorts are going to ‘cost’ you more points; example, one night at OKW in August may be only 9 points but that same night staying at the Beach Club might be 13.

We’ve had 160 points for 4 years now, and on average, we’ve been able to get about 12 nights out of those points. ONCE AGAIN, it just depends on what time of year, which resort, & how big of a room you need.

Have you contacted a guide yet?


21,000 bucks for 10 days? when I can spend 5000 for 4 people the same time? I must be missing something, and I’m going to call to get more info maybe later depends on what info i get here.


You get those points every year for 50 years. Every year DVC deposit 200 points in my account and I can use them how I want.

I will cover that $20,000 in what I would have paid for 6-8 trips at rack rate at a non-DVC resort. You get that 10 day trip for 50 years for the price of your annual dues.


nooooo, if you join you’ll get those points EVERY year for the next 50 years! So basically, if you paid for your membership CASH right now ($20k, or however much it is, I paid WAY less for my 160 points) you’d have ‘free’ accomodations for the next 50 years.

You CAN finance through Disney, I think the current APR is like 10%. On the basic 160 point package payments would be about $170. & they finance for up to 10 years.


just out of curiosity…is there anywhere near DisneyLand that the points can be used??


There sure is. They are building a new DVC resort at DL. I believe you can currently use your points in a DL resort w/o the $95 booking fee. Wish, please correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve not researched DL DVC at all.


I am using DVC points at the Grand Californian resort this weekend as a matter of fact! We’ve used our points MANY times at the Disneyland Hotel & Grand Californian twice. Never stayed at Paradise Pier but you can use them there too. :happy:

The exciting news for west-coast peeps is that, as we speak, they are building a DVC property at the Grand Californian & they are starting to sell home memberships this coming weekend! I’ll be there for the first day of sales… not buying any points though. :laugh:


You’re right, when you book a Disneyland Resort hotel you DO NOT pay a booking fee.


ohhh ok! i’ll be calling tomorrow then


are they just like basically condos? or can you get like actual resorts?


I’m not sure what you mean by actual resorts, the DVC resorts are actual resorts. You can get a studio that has a small kitchenette, or a one, two, or three bedroom with a full kitchen.

You can see pictures on AllEars is you want to see the rooms.

You can book at non-DVC resorts with your DVC points but it’s not a good use of your points and there’s a $95 booking fee.


Some of the nicest resorts at WDW are DVC resorts! You may have even seen them and not realized there were DVC units. Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club, Boardwalk are just a few examples. They are considered deluxe accomodations and have both regular rooms there as well as DVC units (studio, 1 bedroom, etc.)


well even still my favorite is The Caribbean lol thats a Moderate.


If your plans include staying at a moderate then DVC isn’t a good deal for you.