DVC/AP Stroller Offer?


A friend of mine said friends of hers ( I know) are DVC owners and they said there is an offer out there right now for free stroller rental during their visit. She didn’t have any more info. Do any of you?

(By the way, she thought if it wasn’t DVC then it was Annual Passholders). Is this true, I have both, but since my AP’s have not been activated yet, I don’t get the info!


I know Disney Visa’s got the free stroller thing going. Don’t know about the other!


I have that too, but must have missed the offer, do you have more info?


I googled it for you as Im sitting here waiting for TR’s to be refreshed and this was all I found. It looks like free stroller is over but they are offering %50 off News No more free stroller rentals with Chase Disney Visa Card - MiceChat


That would have helped on our last trip!!!


That stinks! I never even knew about it!


From what it says, it looks like it was only for “Disneyland”, and not “DisneyWorld”, which wouldn’t have helped me anyway. :pinch: