DVC...Boardwalk Villas or Beach Club Villas?


Hi all! I am already starting to plan my trip for NEXT December, and I am trying to decide where to stay! We are renting DVC points, and I have it narrowed down to these two resorts - BWV & BCV.

Does anyone have any guidance for me?? Please tell me which resort you like better and WHY. It will really help me make my decision a little easier!!!

THANKS!!! :wub:


Never stayed in either - did visit both this month. Both are within walking distance of MGM & Epcot. (You can ride the boat, but it’s often faster to walk.) They are across “lake” from each other and an easy walk between.

I like Boardwalk a little more but from what I hear the people on the Boardwalk can sometimes get roudy. So for peace and quiet I guess the Beach Club wins.


We stayed at BCV a few years back and this year we’ll be at BWV.
We just had to try the Beach Club ahead of the Boardwalk even though we could have done either last time.
Our main reasons for BC first over BW were - Stormalong Bay!! And the Beach theaming.

Hope this helps a little.


We’ve stayed at both - and both are beautiful - it’s very hard to choose between them. It might be only me, but I felt that the BWV were a bit bigger than BCV. It depends on what you enjoy - with kids, I would choose BCV because of Stormalong Bay and the casual, family atmosphere. If it’s adults I’d take BWV for the great restaurants. It’s certainly not “stuffy” by any means, but it’s a little more sophisticated than the BCV. Also - I’m no clown fan, so the pool doesn’t do too much for me. Both are great for walking to Epcot. Just to confuse you even more - we stayed at WLV last month and I loved them too. Of course, Old Key West is my favourite…


We’re choosing BCV because of Stormalong Bay and Beaches and Cream. BCV also has better room service! :slight_smile:


Hi kim! I haven’t stayed at either, but my vote would be for Beach Club, but have you considered Wilderness Lodge Villas? They are my favorite resort…and would be lovely at Christmastime! Let us know what you decide.


Hey, Heather!!! I haven’t considered WL ONLY because I REALLY want to try an Epcot resort this time! Since we are going around Christmas, we spend a lot of time in Epcot. I REALLY love the proximity of BCV and BWV to Epcot. We can just roll out of bed and take a nice stroll or short boat ride to Epcot!!! (or a nice LONGER walk to MGM!) That’s why I want to try one of those, this time.

I am still having a hard time deciding. I L :heart: VE both resorts, but I am probably leaning towards BCV. Any more opinions are WELCOME!!!


I’ve never stayed at either, but for some reason, I just the the Boardwalk is just so darn cool…that’s what I’d choose… But I have ZERO to base that choice on…so don’t listen to me… :biggrin:


Hey, Kim!

I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice but I love BCV, we have stayed there twice and really enjoyed it. In fact, we just started talking about a May/June WDW trip and have decided on BCV again. When I asked Nathan where he wanted to stay he said the hotel with the sandy pool. The large shallow area was a great place for little kids to play and swim. The adults all sat in the water and watched the kids play, cool and relaxing.


Thanks so much for your advice, guys! It makes the decision so much harder, although I am leaning towards BCV. Any other input to help sway me one way or the other??


I have stayed at both, and they both have great qualities. Stormalong Bay is great, but the Boardwalk is so much fun. We have come to the decision that if we are going with kids, it is Beach Club, if we are without child, we stay at Boardwalk.

With kids, Stormalong Bay is such a great asset, as is the closeness to Epcot, it is hard to overcome those. If you get a room on the Boardwalk at BWV, it can be a bit loud, as the Boardwalk is active pretty late. Without kids, it really isn’t a big deal, and it is fun to watch over the Boardwalk from your room.

Either one is a great choice, and I would be happy staying at either resort at any time.