Has there ever been, is there, or will there ever be a DVC offering for Fort Wilderness as the primary purchase? We LOVE to camp and love FW but haven’t seen any reasonable offering. Maybe a camper’s version of what’s offered at the resorts…


They do not offer it for FW and I sort of doubt that they will.


They don’t offer it as an ownership but you can use DVC points for a campsite at Fort Wilderness, I think it’s around 11 points per night.


You can use points to stay there like other WDW places, but I’m guessing it won’t ever be a DVC resort.


Totally not worth it yet, but if the sites keep going up- Maybe!!


What are the rates on RV sites at FW now? Preferred & regular, do you know?


We are paying about $100 per night…during Christmas. And that’s lodging for 10 people.
I’ve thought about a regular DVC purchase, but it really isn’t reasonable at all. Just thought it would be nifty if there was a special set up for campers.
Oh well.


Looks like full hookup is low of 7 points to high of 20 points. PLUS that stupid “reservation” fee ($95) which I think I heard they lowered to FW. Considering JUST the $5 per point annual dues average thats $35-100 per night plus reservation fee. Renting points at $10-13 would be even worst - probably about WDW rates.

Cabins look like 41-74 per night.

For comparison, studios run 8-48 points per night. Staying at WDW locations other that DVC resorts is generally not a members best option.


2010 Ft. Wilderness Campsites price ranges:

Partial Hook-up (Tent/Pop-up) $44-$89

Full Hook-up $59-$105

Preferred Hook-up $64-$111

Premium $71-$121