DVD palyers ~ ASMo?


i know that it is standard in alot of hotels to now have dvd players already in the room…is that so too at ASMo resort?? if not…tell me about the disney channels available in the rooms…movies or just cartoons?



both. they have the disney channel, plus a disney cartoon channel. they also have other channels…i think tnt or tbs was one of them.


I found the movie selection seriously lacking in the rooms. It was no better than turning on the tv at home. You just hope you can find something. I would have loved if they would have had a dvd player in the room. We ended up watching the Top 10 a bajillion times because my ds liked it and sometimes there was nothing better on.


so there is a DVD player or no??

~sorry not sure if you were saying that there is both a dvd player & disney channels.



No dvd players but they do have the disney channel of course.


okkie ~ dokkie!


Do you have a portable one? You can always pack that or a small DVD player and hook it up in the room. They make them so tiny now that packing one wouldn’t be a big deal.


That’s exactly what we did on our last trip (actually it was the portable one from the car so we already had it with us). It worked out great!!!


We brought our own small dvd player. It was well worth it, especially for my then 2 year old dd.


i think we will just bring our little one from home. we have flip-flopped back and forth over getting a portable one for the ride over. (8hrs.) but i am thinking we are going to try it without one in the car this time.

my DH are from the school of thought…“we didn’t have one when we were kids and weren’t road trips fun anyway??” i have lots of little games and fun ideas to sping on DD (3yo) on the way down…i think i can keep her well enough entertained. anyway, 8 hrs. will go back pretty fast with her napping for 2-3hrs. of it! we’ll see how it goes…

thanks for the info. & suggestions…will pack a couple of moives and our player from home for use while in our room in the afternoon or night.


We drive about 20 hrs (from LI, NY) and the ONLY time we use the DVD in the car is during our disney trips. 6 hours is still a long time for a 3 year old- maybe bring it and only rip it out if you need it.


i would bring one for the car for “just in case” if we already have one…but we don’t …i would have to buy one specifically for this trip. (our 1st with DD)

the one i am thinking i might bring to use in the room is not portable…but small ~ the kind for home use. but i am starting to think that i might not even fool with bringing it now. i cannot imagine that my DD will care about a movie rather than cartoons after a full day in the MK. i imagine she will be so pooped out that it really won’t matter :slight_smile:

but as you said…it is WAY better to be prepared and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. so…we might be bring one…still might even go buy a portable…will probably decide as it gets closer for the trip.

was just curious about the dvd players int he rooms…hate it that they don’t already have one. LOTS of reg. hotels now are making it standard in rooms…oh well…can’t have it all:rolleyes:


Polynesian just added DVD players to the concierge rooms but not the standard rooms.