DW vs. DL?


Hi, not sure where i should post this, so please feel free to move it if you have to…:angel:

Ok so I am not a DL expert, nor a DW expert but i know a tad more about the world, anyway, my kids watch the disney channel religiously and they keep seeing this one commerical with Selena Gomez at DL…and they are talking about the NEW things at DL…the next thing you see, is Tinkerbell AND Dumbo flying from the Castle…so nowwwwwwwwww the kids are screaming that they want to go there instead of DisneyWorld…ACK!! Help!!!:confused:

I am looking at DL on line right now and I am confused…:confused:
Can someone give me some clues or hints as to what is so different and i notice they don’t have the same type of hotels as the World does…do they have char. meals etc.
any info would be great

i have not made up my mind yet where we would go but its nice to get it all down and compare notes, thank you!!!


I think the flying Dumbo is part of the new fireworks show at Disneyland. As it is, since 2005 when they rolled out Remember, they vastly increased the roll of Tinkerbell far beyond Magic Kingdom’s simply sliding down a wire. That is, in Disneyland, Tinkerbell flies back and forth from the Matterhorn, over the castle, and continues off to the left, swooping back and forth several times.
Disneyland also has the resurrected Nemo’s Submarine Voyage which emerged from the ashes of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea while at Magic Kingdom, that lagoon has been filled in with dirt. There’s also a Roger Rabbit ride in Toontown that doesn’t exist in MK and there’s also an Indiana Jones ride in Adventureland as well.
Downside, they don’t have a Crystal Palace character buffet all day and night.
But WDW’s 4 parks, 2 waterparks, and Disney Quest, along with all of the recreation and 28 resorts offer a lot more than Disneyland’s 2 parks, smaller DTD, and 3 hotels.
Then there’s the monorail. In Disneyland, it’s not much more than a ride. In Disneyworld, it’s a vital piece of the transportation infrastructure.


I’m by no means an expert on DL myself…I only just went there for the first time last summer. But what I CAN tell you is that the theming in DL sort of goes the extra mile as opposed to WDW. I feel like they pay more attention to detail at DL; eg. there are captian Hook shaped hooks holding the lanterns in the que at Peter Pan, and the que for Snow White is more in depth as well. Thats my two cents, but either way, give DL a shot someday. There’s just something more magical about it!


We all have had this discussion before and it usually seems to cause issues between people. Here is how it goes to simply put it, WDW is an Orange and DLR is an Apple, their both wonderful and very different, you really cant compare the two.
Disneyland pay much more attention to details and the cast members always usually seem to be nicer than what Ive experienced at WDW. Disneyland has the same amount of rides as WDW but just in two parks, not 4. However, WDW has 4 parks, almost 30 themed resort hotels and water parks and a bigger DTD, this doesnt mean Disneyland’s DTD isnt nice, like I said before, its just different. Disneyland’s Monorail acts more like an attraction than a mode of transportation, it does take you from Disneyland to DTD but thats it (the resort has plans to add another stop in the Grand Californian in the near future)…Disneyland is known as a “Pedestrian Resort” In Company terms since you can walk everywhere and dont have to deal with the Ferry’s or the Bus System, not to say its not nice that WDW has that. I prefer the weather at Disneyland too…but Im a Californian boy…never been one to like Florida weather much. Disneyland is also going through a VERY large expandsion project right now as well, expanding and re-doing DCA, re-modeling the DL Hotel and a DTD expansion is on the way along with 2 new hotels, another parking garage (thankfully!) and eventually a 3rd Park property after everything is done that is currently going on (looking at 6-8 years down the road, or so Ive heard).

Both resorts are very Magical and Wonderful, their just different. Period.


Come to DL and stay on property for 4 or 5 days. You never have to take a bus or shuttle. The character dining experiences are excellent. Even though many of the rides are the same in MK they are all STILL different.

Restaurants are different (not necessarily better, just different). And, it’s the place that it all started. It seems like a place that ALL Disney fanatics should go at least once.

Plus, they have a functioning Space Mountain. So I say if you’ve already done DW, why not give it a try?


Wow, all this info is terrific, thank you all so very much, i am def. going to look into it more…and if its doable, i’ll talk to DH and see what he thinks…either way, DISNEY is on our calendar for 2010.
Thank you all!!!


[QUOTE=evansfmly5;980623]Come to DL and stay on property for 4 or 5 days. You never have to take a bus or shuttle. The character dining experiences are excellent. Even though many of the rides are the same in MK they are all STILL different.

That is very true, a good example of this is Disneyland’s Pirates compared to Disney World’s Pirates. We have the whole big Bayou Scene and the two big drops, as they dont. Its like you said, the attractions are similar but still so different at the same time.


I like to think of Disneyland as a more quaint park. Not quite as vast as WDW. To me DL is more intimate and brings you back to where all the magic originated. While you could never do all that WDW has to offer in a week, you could easily see all of DL in 5 days or so. Every Disney fan should visit DL at least once. I found it very memorable.


I think that is well put. Disneyland has a certain Brand of Magic and certain feeling/look that simply cant be found at any other park. Disneyland was Walt’s Park, created specifically, overlooked specifically and walked and enjoyed Specifically by Walt Disney himself. Every Disney fan should visit the Flagship/Walt’s Park at least once, In my opinion.