Dznylvr's Itinerary


OK guys, I thought I would run our itinerary by everyone and see what you think. I am up for any suggestions!!

9/23-Sunday-Fly down, arrive MCO 8:35am. Catch ME to POR, check in and head to AK. Head over to DTD for 4pm ADR’s at Raglan Road. Shop and hang out at DTD for a bit, head back to POR for an early bedtime.

9/24-Epcot. Dinner ADR’s Garden Grill at 5:40pm. Maybe check out EMH at MGM, depending on everyone’s mood.

9/25-MK- Dinner ADR’s- LTT 5:25pm

9/26- Sleep in a little. Be at TL by 10am. CS lunch at TL. After lunch, head back to POR to shower and change and head to AK for an hour or two before our ADR at Boma at 5:10pm. Then back to AK for EMH for the evening.

9/27-MGM till we decide to leave. Head over to Epcot probably after lunch. ADR at Biergarten at 5:45. Hang at Epcot for the evening.

9/28-MK- Little Ones EMH at 8am!! Leave MK after lunch for Epcot. 4:40pm ADR at Le Cellier. PM EMH at Epcot-we will see how everyone is doing.

9/29-BB 10am. After lunch, head back to POR to shower and change, then onto AK. Dinner ADR 7:20pm Chef Mickey’s.

9/30-MK-Maybe for Little Ones EMH at 8am, depending on our little one’s response earlier in the week. Again, (we hop, a lot!) over to MGM after lunch. Dinner at MM at 4:30pm.

10/1-AM EMH at AK.Do AK until a little before lunch, head over to Epcot-do lunch. Dinner at CR at 6pm. MAYBE over to MK for PM EMH. Again, depends on how everyone is doing!

10/2-MK All day. This is our last day-so we usually end it up here.:noo: ADR’s CP 5:30pm.

10/3-Leave for home, hopefully will be at home in time for lunch!

So, what do you think? I know this is very long winded, sorry about that.:frostyang Just so you know us-it will be myself and DH, DD 11, DS 8 and DS 3. We usually commando our trips and our little one hangs in like a champ. Any new ideas or comments? Thanks a bunch!


We may do MNSSHP, but my husband wants to wait until we get there to get tickets. He wants to avoid the extra charge on the cc, thinking he can pay OOP once we get there. I know, but we just got our CC paid off, and I think it is just a “thing” with him.
If you ask me, I think he just doesn’t want to commit to it, because I will go and spend another $400 on costumes!!
But, I am still trying to talk him into it!


Those sound like great plans! I hope you have lots of fun!!


Sounds like a great plan!! I love that you added “see how we’re doing” in there…if it’s one thing I need to learn, it’s that WDW isn’t going anywhere and I don’t need to spend 13 hours a day at the parks.


we will be in some of the same places at the same time!! i’ll have my black sling-y kinda bag with the red mickey head on it. we’ll have to keep an eye out for each other! I’ll be the one with 2 little girls and a sweet DH who is going along with whatever we want to do. can’t miss us right?


We will be looking for you!! I will be with a cute red haired fireman:wub: , and 3 kids, an 11 year old girl, 8 year old boy and 3 year old boy. We carry a brown Jansport back pack with black suede trim (we are so old school:laugh: ), and push a blue umbrella stroller with a black Pirates scarf tied to the handle. If you want to let me know when our schedules match up, maybe we can work out a quick meet and greet!!:mickey:


Your plans look great. Hope you and your family have a great time.


Your plans look great. I wish I could plan our trip that way but my family’s idea of planning is were going to Disney.
I did at least get them to let me make ADR’s


Plans look great! Hope you have a fabulous time!


i’ll pm you a pic of us too! i’ll post my itinerary later - we can compare then! maybe we can meet at the preschool hour on friday the 28th? it shouldn’t be too crowded and easy to spot each other!!