E-tickets anyone?


I was just on the official Disney website, and there is a new option to order special event tickets and print out your tickets at home. Has anyone tried this yet? Just wondering??


hmmm cool concept. Sea world has that option…actually many theme parks have that option, so it’s cool that WDW is finally doing it. I wonder if the next step is to start doing that with ticket opions? we shall see.


I wonder too. I am a bit torn though, since I love the hard tickets they send for special events. I am going to mull it over for a while.


That’s exactly the reason why I wouldn’t do it!!! LOL, I love the pretty tickets they have. Although, they’ve made them into postcards!!! My favorite souviner from my last trip! :mickey:


Really?? How cool is that? Did you post a picture in your trip report that I missed? I must go back and look it over!! :smile:


We ordered our last set of park tickets electronically, online. On arrival you scan the barcode off your printed “electronic ticket” in a kiosk machine in the entrance of the T&T area. The machine spits out your park tickets, the standard paper kind. It worked really well, you didn’t need another form of ID, only the e-ticket. And, there is an attendant on hand to assist if you run into problems.

I could see them using the same process for event tickets, but I would hope it would spit out a specialize ticket for that event. ??


Well you learn something new every day! I didn’t know you could do it with regular park tickets!:smile:


I love this idea! I wish they’d also have those cool recipe cards from the restaurants available for downloading too.


OH me too. But I would probably run out of ink on a daily basis then!!:smile:


We do this for Universal. It’s a lot faster than buying tickets at the gate, and is especially handy for last-minute deals.


Yeah but Universal doesn’t have the pretty tickets/passes that Disney does. Oh…wait…I forgot, I’m on a no Disney kick:whistling