E.A.=Ebay Addicts =P


I can’t seem to get off ebay lol! Their amazing low prices for the exact pins you want are just fantastic! You can order a pin the day right after it was released. Does anybody else have the same problem that I do? :tongue:


I do I do!!! I can’t go into Ebay :eek: I am a recovering Addict :pinch:


lol I couldn’t help myself, last night I bought 3 more pins :o!


I am an Ebay addict, but I use my pitiful will power to its full extent to keep away…

As a matter of fact, I used to have Ebay email me all of the cool pin searches every day… Well I had to stop that… That was too much for my pitiful will power…

Now I pretty much limit myself to visiting Ebay about twice a year or so… :happy:


Hi. My name is Dana and I too, am a ebay disney pin addict. I have been going through the 12 steps to slow myself down and maybe even take a break from it, but I can’t see to help it…lol I don’t even personally collect the pins…lol


While Addiction is an ugly thing…

I, for one, have given up on any pretense of self-control. I now spend vast sums of money with wild abandon.

Of course, being stuck on an island without pawn shops, swap meets, etc., ebay is the best…

Of course, I still resent the fact that I missed out on the Club 33 tickets that were sold on ebay… :pirate:


Well I see I’m not the only one ^_^. The amazing low prices on pins lures everyone in lol. I try to slow down but once you bet on one pin there’s no going back!