Ear pain while takeoff/landing


I get an acute pain in my ear during takeoff and landing, more in the descent than takeoff, but it only occurs on certain flights, usually on clear days.

I use Earplanes and take tylenol a half hour before the plane lands and it does help the pain (and drown out the screaming children) but not completely.

Does anyone else get this? Or am I just diseased? :laugh: wouldntdoubtit And what do you do to relieve the pain?


I’ve always heard chewing gum can get rid of any ear discomfort during flights.


I take it this is just not the normal pressure that is relieved by swallowing, chewing gum, yawning? (to relieve the differential pressure between your sinus cavities and the cabin)

I would let your doctor know and ask him.

I would LET you know, but I went to law school instead of medical school…


My DD was told to use a over the counter nasel spray when she got onto the plane. You only want to use shortly before takeoff so you get the full “kick” of the meds. I find chewing gum helps but not perfect.


My mother had this issue when we went to TN last month. No gum, swallowing, or yawning would help her. I meant to get her some Ear Planes before we went home, but we forgot. Maybe it wouldn’t have helped her anyway.

The only thing that did help her was to blow her nose.

What happens is, the pressure outside your head changes during take off and landing, making the press inside your head stretch your eardrums. You need to find something that equalizes that pressure. For most people, simply swallowing will equalize their ears.

Bring some kleenex and try blowing as well as chewing gum, swallowing and yawning. Between all three, you should have something work.


Oh and BTW, Tylenol is only good for very minor pain. If your pain is more than mild, try ibuprofen.


Suck on something like a tootsie pop, or some other type of candy. Not licking- real sucking. It forces you to swallow, obviously.