Earl of Buckingham & Disney?


This Orlando native posed as the Earl of Buckingham for a decade in England. I just heard on the radio that someone asked this guy’s brother how this “Earl” prefected the English accent, and he said that “Earl” worked at Disney World. (I’m assuming he worked in Epcot and spent a lot of time in England there, haha).

Here is the link.
CBS News: Earl of Buckingham


Wow. Cool story. Weird looking guy though.


I’m surprised he lasted so long. I think there is a Duke of Buckingham,not an earl. Maybe our British friends can help us out on this one.


No, no Mick, it’s the Duke of Earl…remember, “Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl…Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl…”


Oh haha! Now I remember!


On the news they said he was an Oxford graduate and worked on it there although his family said he was obsessed with England as a child.


Oxford huh? I didn’t hear that. Either way, the story is rather interesting :happy:


…bizarro… :huh: