Earl of sandwhich


I know this is out there already,but I thought a general thread would let the masses know

Disneyland Scoop: Earl of Sandwich Will Open in Downtown Disney


In a way I’m happy to get a good restaurant added to Downtown Disney. But I’m sad that a bookstore is leaving. Then again, it appears that books are going the way of dinosaurs. :pirate:


Love EOS, and was surprised the WDW one had been open 8 years! Doesn’t seem that long. I am sure it will be as popular at DL as the Florida one has been.


Okay, there’s one in the South and now one out West. I’m patiently waiting for the Midwest. Hoping Chicago will be next in line!


Maybe they’ll put it in O’Hare! That would be pefect for me!


That will work. Not that close to home, but certainly doable, and not 1200 miles away!


I wasn’t impressed. It was just a sandwich shop. Kind of pricey if I remember correctly.


O’Hare works for me, too!


I just hope their “early summer” opening means “in time for Andrea’s visit”. :laugh:


Sad to see Compass Books go, I really enjoyed that bookstore. Yet, I am also happy to see a new dining venue join the DTD crowd.


Yes, what Anaheimboy said.


Had to try it as everyone spoke so highly of it. Long line that moved quickly, but I will say that is was very good. We do not get to DTD that often, but will go again.


Who would have guessed that, for my 2,400th post, I would be realizing that I will be eating at an Earl of Sandwich in approximately 35 days, and will be doing so in Walt Disney World, instead of the new one in Anaheim. :pirate:


Life’s a funny thing…

(go with the Original with extra horseradish sauce:wub:)


[QUOTE=llama;1127340]Life’s a funny thing…

(go with the Original with extra horseradish sauce:wub:)[/QUOTE]

Llama!!! Here we go again!!! That’s what I get. Has to have extra horseradish sauce!!!


I never even thought about requesting the extra horseradish. Yes, please!

And it’s a toss-up whether it will be DL or WDW… but this MIGHT be a banner year where the stars align and the answer is BOTH!!!


:laugh: There is something very strange going on here…:blink:


Just found out that there is an EoS in the middle of New York City! I have to go check it out!


Lucky! Let us know if it’s as good as the one at DtD.


I love EOS, especially the Caprese!.. sorry about the book store though…