Earl of Sandwich coming to a town near you?!


Well, it is happening to me! I just saw a job add in the Sunday paper for a new EOS coming to Carmel, IN. I was just skimming ads when Disney popped out at me. It said “THE” EOS famous at WDW is coming!

I wonder where else?


That is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!

They are so goOooOooOOooooOoOod, aren’t they??

You’re so lucky! I have to drive to WDW to go to the one near me :wink:


I love Sandwiched!!


That is so cool! I hope on pops up in my area.


Whoa! That’s great news! I’m kind of glad we don’t have one - I’d be arrested for loitering around it all day.


Excellent, they are so yummy!


WOOHOO!!! I hope they get to be like Starbucks - one on every corner! I would be there all the time if there was one near me!

I looked it up to see if I could find where they’d be going. Here’s what I found so far…

…the company announced its first franchise development deal for eight locations in Texas with an investment group headed by Don Sanders that includes former and current Major League Baseball stars Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens. At the same time, Earl of Sandwich announced its second corporate location for Tampa to open in November. Additional restaurants are projected to open in New York City, Southern California, the Midwest and Florida in 2006. In fact, company plans call for 300 restaurants nationwide by the end of 2008.

It’s a start!! :happy:

Here’s the article… http://bizjournals.bison.com/press/pr10-3-05_earl_of_sandwich_franchise.html


Ug! Why not Phoenix? It’s one of fastest growing cities in the nation! I want one!!!


WOW - I’m in Indiana too I hope they come this far!


I hope one comes to me soon!!!


Wow, that’s good news! That’s pretty close to me!!


Yeah, I though you would be glad to hear it. Yum! You’ll have to come up and do some shopping at Clay Terrace while you are at it. Maybe one day we will meet up there. CaptainGoodGuy is also from here and we have talked one day about having a mini-meet.


Oh! Other locations in Florida!!! Maybe Daytona or Jacksonville!! :heart:


NEW YORK CITY!!! YAY!!! :cool:


I just have to have one by me!!! Please oh please!


Well, I’m happy for y’all that are getting one. There’s NO chance stupid, lame Dover will get one. We don’t even have the basics like Taco Bell, Sonic, Outback, Cracker Barrel, etc… It’s probably for the best though. If there were an EoS here, I’d probably go broke… I LOVE THEM!!!


Good idea!! I would love to do that!!


EOS is a franchise. If you want one near you, just come up with a quarter of a million dollars and open one yourselves. :glare: :tongue:


YEAH!! Texas is on the list…but where???


YEAH! I’m in Indiana too. I will have to make a the trip down to Carmel.