Earl of Sandwich


I thought I would post my experience @ the new Earl of Sandwich Restaurant in DTD Marketplace. Overall it was very good. The sandwiches are very delicious and unusual but still tasty. I had the Earl’s Club and that is basically the traditional club with their special dressing. They also have a jerk chicken sandwich and some hawaiian sandwich too. They also have something called the Earl’s Lemonade which is Lemonade with Earl Gray Tea added. To me it tasted like watered down lemonade to me so personally I wouldn’t recommend it. They also have refrigerated fruit cups and salads and bottled drinks. I would certainly recommend this to anyone.


Thanks for the reivew. I hope I get to try it out. :mickey:


Me too! We have it on our list when we got to DD.


I’ve never had a bad sandwich there yet, they are always great!


We also tried it on our recent trip and we liked it so much, we ended up eating there three times. Cheapest meal on Disney property. The bread they use is the best I’ve ever had on a sandwich! We can’t wait to go back there. I actually suggest going to DTD just so we can eat there.


We also had to wait in line for about 10 minutes because its such a popular place.


Can you still get an inexpensive (relatively) bottle of beer like you could when it was The Pantry? That would sell me on it. :angel:


I had a beer when we ate there. I think it was reasonable. It’s a GREAT place for lunch. I highly recommend it.


Now we are talking!



We ate there as well. I thought it was very good. The bread is different, but good (there’s a lot it , too). It wasn’t real expensive either. My DH had the Hawaiian BBQ Ham, My FIL had spinach & chicken w/ cheese, My Dd had the PB & J, I had something like a club sandwich. My MIL didn’t like hers so we all switched half of our sandwiches. They were all good (if you ask me!). There is very limited seating in there though. You have to have someone steak out a table for you while you’re in line.


I can’t wait to try this place. Like Joey on “Friends”, my DH’s favourite food is sandwiches. He’ll also love that it’s inexpensive.


Sandwiches? Or Sammiches? :wink: