Earl of Sandwich


I went to the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney and found that the Earl has free, unsecured Wi-Fi access using the SSID “EOS_Guest.” restaurant. The best place that I’ve found the signal is strong is by the Coca-Cola soda dispenser.


Oh thanks so much for sharing- thats really worth making a note of. Wifi access is pretty rare in the whole of WDW- thanks again:happy:


Didn’t WDW open up and go free wi-fi everywhere? The resorts did earlier this year and I thought all the parks were joining in this summer to help bring in the GenX thing. Maybe I misread :confused:


No not yet, MK has it but the other parks aren’t rolling out until 2013 - here’s the link:
Walt Disney World rolls out free Wi-Fi Internet at Magic Kingdom theme park, enabling further NextGen Fastpass testing | Inside the Magic


Thanks Dixie. I had read it was in the process of taking place for the whole area, just figured when they released it in one park within a very short time it would be at all (like the resorts).


Yes you’d think they’d have done it all in one go wouldn’t you? They’ve certainly dragged their feet for a long time now. But I guess the way the world is, its just not feasible anymore not to let guests have plentiful available access to the web. For me, as an international guest, it makes a world of difference for keeping in touch with elderly relatives back home. The sooner the whole place is wifi accessible the better!


We have had free wifi at POFQ and in a lot of spots in the parks…it’s spotty in the parks yet though. Sure is nice to have it in the resort rooms though…