Earlier Flight!


We got a call from the fine folks at Disney Cruise Lines yesterday, (Saturday), informing us that we have been placed on an earlier flight than scheduled! This is great! Instead of getting to Port Canaveral at 11 A.M., we will be getting there at 10! Now we’ll have an extra hour on the ship!
Wewanted to get on the ship as early as possible, to enjoy every last second aboard, and since we are Castaway Club members, we get the quicker check in via a separate counter! My family and I learned from our last cruise, that it’s a BIG ship! We didn’t get to see all of it last time, but this time… :happy:


Great news!
Nice to see a flight change in your favor.


That is great! Nice to see the change worked in your favor!


Alright!!! That’s so cool!! An extra hour is a good thing!


Good for you! :cool:


That’s great! Enjoy your extra hour.


Great for you!! The cruise I took a week ago was on Carnival. My mother is a platinum person there,so we went to the V.I.P. check-in room,which was great!!! We got on the ship so fast!!!


On our last Disney cruise, we were on the ship nice and early also! We had our buffet lunch, then wandered around the ship! It was virtually empty! I got loads of video and pictures with no people around! Of course, that didn’t last too long as the ship soon filled up!
Now with an extra hour at our disposal, we’ll have that much more time to explore crowd free!


YAY!!! That’ll give you even more time to find a bartender that knows how to make a Lapu Lapu!


Even if I have to show them how to make em’! :tongue:


how early should one arrive on the ship, we go in August


The ship leaves Port Canaveral between 4 and 5 P.M.! They say to be onboard at least two hours befor then! But it’s best to get there as early as possible! You do NOT want to miss the deck party! It’s a great way to start off the cruise! Plus, if you get onboard early, you pretty much have the pools all to yourself! :wink: