Early check in


how early can you “ususally” check in. ?I know check in is at 3 but sometimes do they let you check in early w/o the extra charge?


You can check in as soon as you arrive. Sometimes though the room may not be ready. I’ve checked in a 9:30 and the room has been ready.


Yep, you can check in as soon as you arrive. We once checked in at about 8 am and our room was ready.


I’ve checked in early several times and have had both situations happen to me where the room has not been ready and the room has been ready. On either occasion I have never been charged any extra fees.


If your room isn’t ready, you can leave your luggage with the concierge so you can go start your day, then finish your check in when you get back to the hotel.


I’ve actually checked in at 8 AM and our room was ready.
As others have said, even if your room isn’t ready, you can check in as soon as you arrive, especially if you booked a vacation package with tickets and dining and have bell services hold on to your bags until your room is ready.


Sam for us. We have been there at 8:00 with a room ready, and 1:00Pm with no room ready. Depends on time of year and how busy they are.


what about 2nd week of Sept?


I once checked in at 5a.m.!


In February we checked into ASMu at 7:00 AM, and it was no problem!

This won’t always be the case, of course, but as long as there is a room available they will allow you to check in.

I have been during the second and third weeks of September, but we never arrived until right around check-in time so I don’t think it qualified as early.


Wow, you were late :ohmy:
What was your excuse?

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, go and check in and they’ll give you a room as soon as they are ready.
But that will also mean that, if you have a location preference, you might not get it early. They will assume that you’ll want the next room


We checked in to the Pop last October around 7:00 am and our rooms were ready. That’s pretty early!


No, I was early. We drove and the darn kids wouldn’t let me pull over and sleep in the middle of the night.


kids :nonono2: :nonono2: :laugh:


If the room is avalable you get it. Last sept we checked in at 7:30 am.


We always try to check in as early as possible. Our earliest was 930AM when we took the Auto Train.

If a room meeting our preferences is not available, we may wait. We avoid the rooms on the first floor and always pass on those.


Usually if the room is ready you can then check in. But most of the time the room is not and then you can just store your luggage if you flew in. But if you drove then just leave the luggage in the car and go to the parks or DTD.
When you get back to the resort (wait until at least 3 p.m.) the room should be ready!


That’s pretty funny considering the last time I took the Auto Train, I didn’t even get my car until 10 AM. (1992)


Even if the room is not ready, you CAN check in. In fact if you’re on any sort of vacation plan that includes tickets and meals, YOU HAD BETTER CHECK IN AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE IN WDW OR YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE DOING ANYTHING OR GETTING THAT MEAL YOU’RE STARVING FOR!
Even if you’ve driven in, depending on what’s in your luggage, you’ll probably want to remove it from the car and have bell services hold them until your room is ready. Especially in summer heat!! This is doubly true if you have any perishables or electronics in the car or in fact, anything that will melt in a 100 degree car oven.


That’s a very good point, Doug