Early Christmas Present


Sandy and I are booked next September 12-20 for the All Star Movies…

…at least until she talked with a co-worker that just got back from Disney. So now as an early Christmas present i told her we can stay at Port Orleans instead. Plus she wants a Riverview over the standard view. I guess at that point it really doesn’t matter.

Bad: it’s going against my rule of staying in anything but a Value and saving $$

Good: one less Christmas present to buy :mellow:


That makes it totally worth it!


We really enjoyed our stay at POR. It was a couple years ago. During our stay it was extremely quiet and relaxing. We did not experience all the noise that we experienced while staying at the values. The views are lovely.


You will love it there. Like Daisee said, it is very quiet there. The views out of any window are beautiful. Staying in the Bayou section on the second floor makes you feel like you’re in a tree house :happy:


How exciting!!! That is a great early Christmas present.


What a wonderful Christmas present!


I think we’ll really love it. We stayed at Coronado Springs many years ago and honestly did notice a difference.

Oh… it’s great to see you again Faith… i’m guessing your internet woes have subsided?