Early entry for MNSSHP...?


Does anyone know when they will let you enter the park on your ticket for the party ? I don’t want to waste a ticket that day so we are planning on swimming at the resort and doing downtown disney then go to Magic Kingdom for dinner but our res. is not until 6:40 for Liberty Tree and I would love to go around 3-4 in the afternoon . Thought someone might know before I call Disney to ask . Thanks …


They will begin admitting party guests with valid tickets for that evening after 4 PM.


SG is correct, you can get in at 4 with your tickets to the party.


You show your tickets and they give you wristbands when you get in…this way when the party officially starts, only people with wristbands are left.

Where are you eating dinner?


This is great to know. We were thinking of doing the same thing. Since this is an unplanned trip, we are using vacation points from a different timeshare for our stay and tickets. I don’t quite have enough for 2 three day passes but can get 4 one day passes. We figure we will spend a day just enjoying the resort pools and being thankful to escape the 100+ temps we have had for the last 2 months.


This is great news I have Priate League book for DS at 4:15 the day of our MNSSHP night, if I could save a park pass that day it would be great


You’ll be fine! We did it before. We actually went at four and got our wristbands and hung out for about an hour and then we left for an ADR at Ohana’s and then went back.


Thanks, that’s good to know. We have dinner ressies at Kona at 5:10 on the 29th., so if we get there right after dinner we should be good. We are taking a break from the parks that day as well. Maybe TL or DTD!!


Does anyone know if they start pace painting at 4 or 7? Madison wanted to do this but I dont feel like standing in line for the whole party just to get face paint.


I dont think they start until 7. However, we have never seen lines more than a few kids long. In fact, I think my daughter got her face painted our first time there and I was somewhere with my son and my DH took her; I didnt even know they had gone it was done so quick!


Thanks! Thats good to know. Thats all she is talking about and I really didnt want to worry that we would be missing some really great events for the face paint.


That is good to know, I’ve been wondering about a costume for DS12 if it’s really hot out. face painting may do the trick and I wouldn’t have to pack a costume!!!:laugh:


What time can you only be in the park with the wristband–7?


Yes, 7. They start trying to herd people without wristbands out around 6:30.


Once you have your wristband you can come and go as you please. Alot of guests get there for the very beginning of the party because they have younger children, so later on in the evening it does appear to empty out a tiny bit! Ive never known the face painting lines to be long and there where a few stations set up from what I can remember, I think the point them out on the MNSSHP map too (aswell as all the sweetie staions YUM!!)