Early Entry to MK for Halloween Party?


Is there still early entry (4 PM) for people attending the ticketed special events? I was able to get into the park at 4 PM for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party and was wondering if it was the same for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, we’re going on 10/24. They gave us a wrist band and had to stay in Tomorrowland, but it was worth it! Please let me know if anyone has this information. Thanks.


Yes,you will be able to get in at 4pm!!


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Welcome Jerthebear,glad to have you along.


Thank you, I’m glad to be here. I’m very happy we can get in early! My wife and I are taking our 4 year old daughter to Bippity Boppity Boutique before we get to the park. She’s very excited…my wife I mean. :tongue: My daughter couldn’t care any less. :laugh: We live about 50 minutes from the park so we try to get to all of the special events each year.


I am going to take my 4 year old (well, she will be five then) next year to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. Please let me know how it is.Love to find out all about it. My daughter is very excited,me too of course.


So, to get in at 4 on the day of MNSSHP - I don’t have to use a regular ticket - just my MNSSHP ticket, right? Yeah! Bonus park time - I love it!!


You are definatlely able to enter the park at 4pm. That’s about the time I got there last year for the party. We got out wristbands and headed over to starlight cafe to grab some grub while we watied for it to start…got a few attractions in too…lol They didn’t even ask me for a MK pass or whatever, so I am sure that this is ok even if you don’t have a pass to enter the park that day. You just need your MNSSHP ticket.


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We were there on the 15th and it didn’t even look like they closed the park before the event. I’m sure they stopped letting people in that weren’t attending MNSSHP at a certain time but I bet even if you went in the morning you could stay right through if you had tickets. They were still letting people out without wristbands when we arrived just before 7:00 pm.


Must have been the light crowds…lol You had to see them trying to get people out of the parks on halloween night last year…it was insane!


Haha! This works so perfectly for me! I have an ADR at CM’s @ 2:30, which means I will be at the MK at 4! Awesome! :happy:


and, welcome to Mousebuzz, JErbear!


I forget what day we went last year but it was a mob scene! We were very lucky this year. I cannot imagine being there on Halloween night…but I bet it’s a lot more fun than being in NJ!:laugh:


Getting nervous about showing up at 4 - and not using one of our passes, just the MNSSHP. I called wdwdine today (and got a ps or whatever for tony’s for a different day) & the cm said we could not enter the park for mnsshp until 7 pm unless we had a ps and there were none available that night. AGH! We will give it a try, and just ride the monorail around maybe check out some resorts if we are refused early entry without a ticket. Anyone else nervous?


I really bet you won’t have a problem. That is probably a standard answer.

They’re gonna have a seperate enterance, for the party goers, I bet.

I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t worry.


Thanks! I would just hate to get there and be turned away for 3 hours! LOL!


That would really be bad.

When are you going?


our trip is 10/1 - mnsshp is 10/5!


well, we’re going on Friday, so I’ll be sure to let you know if it works for me! :happy:


Thanks!! Have fun!