Early March weather?


What’s the weather like in early March (like the first few days)? Jeans or shorts? I’m still thinking we might plan a quick trip but I don’t know anything about what to expect in March.


Steph -
While there in January, I had a few days where shorts were possible. I am going to assume that in March, shorts are ok. I would of course take a few cool weather owfits just in case. I have been there in April and it was hot…very hot.


What about crowds? Am I going to be surprised by how many people are there? It’s the front end of Peak season and early spring break time.


I’ve been in March a few times - usually for the first 2 weeks. Definitely shorts weather. Just nicely busy. Baseball spring training goes on during the whole of March so quite a few people visit for that butt certainly nothing like the crowds of the summer months.


The crowds, if not near anyone’s spring break, should be the same for the time I go in October…kind like a 5/6 out of ten.