Early May


Anybody go to WDW in early May? What is it like regarding weather and crowds?:huh:


The weather is mild and crowds are good…the only thing is that its lovebug season. we didnt see that many of them till our last 2 days.


We have only been once in May and the weather was lovely during the day but a little cooler at night.


Shame on you Skwak for not going Memorial Day weekend like we are doing!


Sorry about that. I am actually discussing May of 2009!:blink:

I will be there in late Feb (alone at a conference - good time for adult beverages), April 17th-24th and October 29th-31st in 2008. Are you (or any of my other dear MB friends) around?:laugh:


I have only gone to WDW during may 2 times, its my favorite time to go to any Disney resort, crowds are usually light to moderate because school usually is still in session and its right before the summer season. One time I went it rained off and on but was still sunny and warm, the second time it didnt rain at all but was just a nice warm, not hot not cold.
You should have a good time in May. :smile:


It has been a few years since we have been in early May. It was a very nice time to go. The crowds were light to moderate, and the weather was just great. Schools in Florida get out early, so you will get more of a local influx, but still not bad at all.


Our 20th wedding anniversary is this May. I’m trying to convince my wife that a 2-night weekend trip would be a great way for us to celebrate. I think the weather would be great. She’s not convinced. :frowning:


We were there in May of 2005 from the 10th to the 17th and the weather was a little on the warm side high 70’s to low 80’s. Not much in the way of rain. The nights were cooler, and the crowds were manageable. I would love to go in May again, but taking the kids out of school is getting harder.