Early mnsshp


Is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party starting early this year? We’ve been Labor Day week two years in a row and it wasn’t going yet. ???


Second question: If we go in September, how will this complicate our MK touring plans? I really don’t know anything about MNSSHP.


Simply put, on party nights, MK will close at 7 PM and non ticket holders for the party are herded out of the park. Gently, but firmly being denied access to the lands and if you’re already in a land, through wristband checks.


Wow, I’m looking at the touringplans.com calendar and it shows MNSSHP on 4 of the 6 nights we’re thinking of being there. If we go then, it’s going to somewhat complicate our planning (and also maybe defeat the purpose of going Labor Day week for the small crowds).


Why are they doing this in late Aug-early Sept?


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Have they actually published dates yet for MNSSHP?


What is the earlest you can enter the MK with MNSSHP ticket.


I think all hard ticket parties you can enter at 4pm. But you miss the setup at the front of the park which is kinda cool. If you’re already in the park on your regular ticket you can go to the rose garden near the hub and they’ll check you in, give you your bracelet and goodie bag and then you can go enjoy the party.


Setup at the front of the park what time does this start. If we go in at 4 can we come back out for this? Thinking of a early dinner.


We were able to get our wristbands near the castle around 4:00. Then we went back to the hotel for a while and returned to MK around 7:00. It worked out great for us and we didn’t have to wait any time to get the wristband.:mickey:


Unofficial Guides website (TouringPlans.com - Plans which save you time and effort) on their crowd calendar is listing actual dates starting August 31st through October 31st for the MNSSHP. I don’t know where UG is getting their info, WDW hasn’t announced anything yet. To use their crowd calendar (and some other services) you either have to have the latest UG in your hand or enroll at $8.95/yr.

I emailed a question as to are these firm dates but no answer yet


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I heard elsewhere that the dates would be announced in August, but it is probably a good idea to call each month or so to get the latest info.


4 P.M. is the earliest. We did that on October 26, 2008, so we didn’t use up a entry day for the family we were with. They didn’t have AP’s so we sat by the pool all day. The weather was beautiful so it worked out well.


I wouldn’t take what the unofficial guide says too seriously. Disney is scaling things back this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number of Halloween and Christmas parties reduced and have them start later in the year. Remember they did cancel ALL the Pirate and Princess Parties for the year.


That’s probably good advice–things are going to be in a state of flux for WDW this year I imagine. It’s going to make planning a little more problematic.