Early Morning Toddler Hours @ MK?


OK, I apologize if this has already been discussed but since I don’t have children I’ve never really paid attention to the topic. :blush: Although, I was informed this morning that I may be ‘babysitting’ Parker, my husband’s young niece, on some mornings of our trip. It dawned on me that if there are any going on during our dates I could wake up early and take her to the extra magic toddler hours thing at the MK.

I cannot find this information on their site, is it still going on? Does anyone know how I can get the dates/information?

Thank you.


I believe the last day was October 28th for the extra magic hours for toddlers but Fantasy land was openened only and they had characters on certain rides


Wish, if you go to the WDW web site - click on the something for everyone and then preschoolers. Dont know if it will help but there is some information there.


Wish I would just go to the MK on it’s EMH day. You can easily do FL in the first hour. Do dumbo first…twice and then everything else. Do the “chuck bubba relay”…

Don’t rule out heading over to the AK in the early morning either. The safari is always a hit with little ones and you can head over to the character area early in the morning.


This is overwhelming. :laugh: I’ve been child-free in WDW for 29 years now. You can’t just call me 8 days before my trip and tell me there’s a possibility I may be ‘babysitting’ a 1 & 1/2 year old in WDW. :glare:

Have ya’ll ever heard the story about the in-law tricks?

They’ve got 'em all up their sleeves & ALWAYS know the best time to pull 'em out!

That’s it, I’m refusing… or not answering my phone anymore. :laugh:


NOO!!! It’s fun! Take the child…you are going to enjoy WDW in a whole new way. You can take your time and watch WDW through the eyes of a child…oh wishy it’s a gift more than a burden…heck you can pass the kid right back…spoil em and pass em…:laugh:


and give them lots of sugar! :ph34r:

you will have a great time - it will be so different to see what she finds exciting! just be prepared in case she is not a character fan. at that age, one character may be fabtastic, and another scary as all get out. my youngest hated all the characters except Donald at that age. she was scared of mickey, minnie, you name it. but donald was a whole different story…she loved that duck! she still does, actually!

be sure to photopass lots with her!!


We do know she is a character fan!! She’s already been to WDW twice (my kinda girl :wink:) and we also took her into the Friendship Room at the WoD store NYC. She let Pooh Bear hold her without Mommy, cutest pictures ever! :heart:

OK, I’ll do it but don’t expect me to walk out wanting to have one of those things. :laugh:

… this is already shaping up to be a VERY interesting TR. :pinch:


You are going to have so much fun…

The people who say they don’t want one of “those things” secretly do…lol


Oh no!!! I see 248 pre-school children on a bi-weekly basis… I know ALLLLL those things you mommies don’t want to tell me to scare me away. When I say I don’t want one of those things, I may just be serious. :laugh: I love 'em to death from 8-3pm but after that my doggies are my babies. :laugh: :heart:


No, I think I am going to have fun! I’ll be nervous 'cause I really don’t know how to handle anything under 3 years old really but it’s WDW… come on… I will have all the ‘happiness’ resources a 1 & 1/2 year old could want at the tip of my fingers. :laugh:

Worse comes to worse, I will just buy her all the shiny things she touches. :laugh:


There you go~ only give them to her when she screams and throws herself on the ground…her mom will like that:laugh: and you won’t have to babysit anymore…sounds like a win for the wish team.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

sorry I am SO silly tonight.


That would be enough for me to never want to see a child after 3pm…EVER…:laugh:


You’ll be fine Wishy…

As for the little ones Fantasyland deal…when I was doing ADRs the other day, I asked the CM about it (for my 3 yr old nephew) They said they have something, but he didn’t know any specifics :glare: Perhaps calling Disney and try to get the right department. I’ve only hear of it, but never got the specifics…so if you find out, please share!!!


And don’t forget the power of ice cream.:laugh:


:laugh: That was my technique when she came to visit my house this past August. Vanilla is her favorite, I ran the tests. :laugh:


Just think of what rides usually have short lines. And be prepared, the toddler might not want rides, but chase ducks instead. I often brought my DGD to the play area (something based on winnie the pooh), it’s a somewhat contained space to run around.

I just thought of something else. If by chance you go to Epcot. My DGD loved the kidcot spots but be warned, THEY SUPPLY MARKERS FOR THE PROJECTS. I believe they might even be permament markers. The Kidcot spots are sponsered by Sharpie. I just brought along a few crayons and my DGD was happy to just sit with kids and color.


The early morning toddler time did end on October 28th. The Kidcot stations do have sharpie markers (the ones in future world had crayons) so be careful! My 2yo colored my shirt with the sharpie a bit but rubbing alcohol saved it from becoming a new dish rag.


Sorry - but this just made me laugh!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Try saying it 5 times real fast!! :laugh: :laugh: I couldn’t do it, I keep wanting to call it a “Kitkat spot” when I try to say it fast! :pinch: :laugh: