Early oct. or late oct.?


Getting ready to book this years vacation. Should we book first week in Oct. Or the third week in Oct.? Is there a difference in weather? We always went third week but it has been crowded the last couple years so we might try a change.


I have been 2 times the 3rd. week and never had a problem. I can imagine it is a bit more crowded then so I would say early October is probably better. I think the closer you get to Halloween it gets busier.


Weather will not change that much between those weeks if at all. We love October. I know alot of schools start having fall breaks around the middle of the month.


Well we booked this afternoon. Going Oct.5 for a week.Now to wait to book resi.and all that.Time will drag but it has been a hard winter so we are going to enjoy the spring and summer. Thank you for your help.