Early opening @ MK


Saw this on a site:

April 2009

Morning Extra Magic Hours
Magic Kingdom - 2, 5-18, 23, 30<<

Does that mean MK is open early every day from the 5th through the 18th???



That’s what it looks like to me! Can you link the site so I can see the original?


Extra Magic Hour


But I did see this:


April 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 23, 30

Disney World Information - Extra Magic Hour, Early entry

And this looks official, however we will be there 16 and 17 (driving over from Tampa). Usually we go to MK the second day, but it looks confusing:

Magic Kingdom® Park




Huh, I don’t know. Allears is normally really accurate but I would be surprised if it were the 5th-18th.


Yeah it is good but it could be crowded because of all the little kids waking up early and adults getting an early head start to the day i like it better with later park hours few line waiting time and calm area.


It was accurate because it was Easter week.
All the parks were open later and AK opened early every day as well.
But boy oh boy, was it ever crowded 4/7-4/9!