Early planning for 2016


Hey Everyone
We are in the very early planning stages for a big trip in Sept/Oct 2016. It will be DH and Florie (8 at the time of trip) and Andrew (almost 6 at the time of the trip). We are planning to rent points to book a standard room at the Boardwalk villas. I know there are a couple of great sites to rent from. My question is… we are wanting to go for about 10 to 14 days so what is the chance of being able to rent enough points for that long? Also does anyone have any tip to make it all easier to plan out? I know that as a renter I can’t call and deal with the DVC myself… as a vacation control freak it seems overwhelming to have to put so much together but not able to talk to anyone really.


You can try to rent from someone on the boards here. I have rented some, but 2016 may be tough for me to help out. Anyway, by going through someone yo ‘know’ it is a tad easier.


Hey Boss… thanks… yes we (my DH and I) are wanting to rent through one of the rental companies… I’m guessing I posted in the wrong area. Just was wondering what our chances were at getting so much time with renting points.


I don’t think that would be a problem at all. There are people who have boatloads of points with the purpose of using some and renting out the rest using the income to pay the yearly dues.

This yr for BWV in sept/oct, two weeks would be 214 points. Less if you could get standard view, but those book pretty quickly. That’s not a lot of points compared to renting out a bigger villa. A grand villa would cost over a thousand points for the same time period. Now that’s a lot of points. :laugh:


I wish we could go sooner than 2016 but alas… it is going to take a couple of years to save. I am figuring that we will want to start the booking almost a year in advance for that time period. So that will help time go fast… won’t be as cheap as this year… but still cheaper than a lot of other choices.