Early planning


My family is planning to go to WDW in Jan 07. We won’t know the date until Sept. due to my DS school schedule. Is 4 months plenty of time to make our arrangements? I’ve heard that mid Jan is slow so I’m assuming we shouldn’t have trouble getting rooms. We’ll likely be staying at Pop Century. Also, will I need to make priority seatings for Jan. or will the low crowds let us be flexible? Thanks for all your info. It’s still a long way off but I’m already getting sooooooo excited. :happy:

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The only thing that I would make reservations for is Chef Mickeys character meal. You will have no problem getting rooms at PC for January 4 months out.


I think you’ll be fine planning in September, you are going at a pretty slow time.


I agree with DisneyTeach that you should DEFINATELY be fine for January, that is a fairly slow time. I wouldn’t be too concerned. Although, they don’t make the next years school calendar available to parents earlier than September? We already have ours for next year. hehe!

you’ll be totally fine though :happy:


Thanks for the info. I don’t know if I’ll know my DS school schedule earlier because he is in a tech school where he has academics one week and shop the next and I thought it might be easier to go during shop week. Once he’s assigned to group “A” or “B” that will tell us what week is shop. This is his first year and we found out in Sept. but maybe it’s earlier. Either way it sounds like I won’t have problems.



Now I understand, I thought maybe your school didn’t give you the school calendar until fall. Like Wish, we know our calendar for the next year by about this time every year.

If you are worried you can always book the stay you think you’ll need and change it if you need to but I really don’t think you’ll have a problem booking in September.


I was in DW the second week of Jan this year for 10 days. I had assumed it was going to be slow and only made reservations for the day we arrived because I thought it was going to be slow. The last 5 days we were there we tried to eat at O’hana’s and they didn’t have a single reservation available for any time, any of the nights. Our party of only 3 didn’t get to eat there…how disappointing. I would suggest you make reservations, you can always cancel or change them, but don’t make my mistake. I believe people are making more reservations because of the dining plan.


I think you should be ok for that time of year planning in September. I have planned trips and gotten the ADRs I wanted on shorter notice for busier times (like during the free dining promo). I would just make sure that you make your arrangements as soon as you can once you know your dates for sure. Good luck!