Early Ticket Sale to Lion King in Hartford


We just got something in the mail offering an early ticket sale to the traveling broadway version of The Lion King in Hartford.

Not sure about the details, but I think it was exclusive to Disney Visa Card holders.


Boo’s Parents, if you have never seen the show I highly recommend it, it’s just beautiful.


We saw it on Broadway. It was awesome. We want our daughters to see it now they are a little older.

I couldn’t believe that we were given the opportunity to purchase tickets early. We are 20 rows from the stage in the Orchestra section for a Saturday matinee. It doesn’t ge much better than that!!! Well, maybe it does, since we earned disney dollars for our next trip!!!


It’s such a fantastic show for kids and there aren’t too many of them around. We see a Broadway show every year around the holidays and we are running out of options. I got lucky this year though and snagged tickets for Wicked.


Ok, I’m convinced. I’ll have to apply. Thanks!