Early trivia question about Walt


What was the first official “animal in black” that Walt was known to have drawn?

My son just did a big biography report on him and this was his favorite part…



I do know that Mickey was going to be named Mortimer Mouse but I’m going to have to look this one up.


nope- was not a mouse


Was it Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?


nope- he he he- this one is tricky


You’re killing me!

Pegleg Pete?


nope- here is a tip- Walt “the really early years”


Oh come on guys!! there has to be someone out there that knows this cute story!!


sorry, I gave up hours ago. I tried looking but couldn’t find it.


its a pig

when he was 4 (pretty sure it was 4) his parents were fixing the roof of the house and he thought they were painting the house so he painted a big black pig on the side of the house…in Tar!!

My 10 year old thought that this was the best part of his whole biography!

Im glad that someone tried to guess…


Okay, so I can’t let these things go…

Is the answer a horse named Rupert?


awwww- you have to read my answer- I put it just above your post


We must have been posting at the same time.

Thank you for telling me the answer, I can’t let things like this go, they drive me crazy.


that is kind of sweet though when you think about it… how cute to know that his first was actually a tarbaby pig


It is a cute story. I can see a lot of 4 year olds painting the house, my DS would given the chance.


Sounds like Walt was creative even as a little boy!!! LOL!