Earn Dollars AND Cents


Starting Nov 16 Chase is giving rewards on Dollars and Cents. Example, spend $128 get 1.28pts. But if I also spent $172 (1.72pts) on a different day making my final bill $300, wouldn’t that still be 3pts? Seems the benefit will only be at the end of the billing cycle. Over 12 months we may earn an addtl oh… $5…$6 maybe.
That’s nice and all but 5x’s, or even 3x’s pts would be so much better.:wink::wink:

Another change effective on the 16th is in addition to the primary cardholder on the acct, other authorized users can now transfer Rewards to a Redemption Card. Um, er…i’ve done that the past 3 yrs on DH’s acct. Oooops:laugh: