Easiest Way to get from ASM to Cape May


It will be EARLY and we will be tired - so the simplier the better - and how much time should we allow?

  1. Taxi/Van
  2. See above
  3. WDW trans to HS and then to the resort.


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1066726]1. Taxi/Van
2. See above
3. WDW trans to HS and then to the resort.[/QUOTE]

Yeah - I am thinking of just driving the van…we are going to a park from there - I just dread the walk form parking lot to Cape May and then back to van after being in the parks…but we did the connect at HS before for other dining spots and we tend to be late for ressie EVERY time.


Laast couple of times I was at either BWV or BC/YC for food the parking was a royal pain. We had dinner ADR and tried to use valet but it was FULL?!?! Where we had to park was so far way that I could have taken the monorail into EPCOT and walked in faster.


Take bus to studios then walk or take the boat.
Also bus to DTD then hop on a resort bus to the hotel.


I would drive. That will give you a “little” bit more time to rest. Just leave yourself enough time to get to your ressie with walking from the parking lot. Go about your day and whatever park you wind up in at the end of the day, just take the BC/YC bus back to get your van.

When we have our vehicle, we drive to everything. It saves so much time for us.


If it’s an early ADR I would drive or take a taxi.


Take your car to the Beach and either self park or valet.
After your meal, you can either leave your car and return later or take your car to the park you’re going to that day.
Do not play games with trying to transfer through the TTC and going to DHS and then picking up a Friendship might be a bit too time consuming.