Easter baskets on property


Does anyone know if there any stores on property that sell easter baskets. We have a 5 year old, and will be in disney for easter. i looked at the ones available thorugh the disney florist, but none of them really look very “eastery.” any suggestions or thoughts?


I was in Disney Easter weekend in 2005, we stayed at POP. Their store was making up Easter baskets. I don’t know the cost. Maybe some other MBers have expierence with actually buying one?


Well, if you’re driving, you could always swing by WalMart and purchase inexpensive Easter baskets.

Then, you might consider shipping Easter baskets to your resort.

We’re usually out of town on Easter, though it’s been a few years since we’ve been to Disney. We drive to WDW, though, so we just bring our own. Last Easter, we were at Breckenridge for Easter and we got Easter baskets from the resort… I’m not sure whether or not our parents purchased them, though.

I’m sure they offer something of the sort… hopefully another MBer can help you out!


That’s what I was going to suggest. Ship the baskets and what ever you’re going to put in the baskets to your resort. They’ll hang on to it til you get there. I thing that would be a lot cheaper too.


Check with the resorts on activities for the kids on Easter Day too…


You could always make your own and have it shipped down there if you are flying.


Totally bring you own…won’t take that much room and you can fill it with stuff that you want to get him.


Last year we packed baskets and made use of onsite treats.


I agree with this advice! We will be there next year for Easter and I have already thought about this and I think I will bring our own and then sneak a few things in the baskets from WDW that I buy the first couple days we are there. I think this would be the cheaper route.


The “make it yourself and ship it” option sounds good, but I would be interested to hear if Disney makes baskets - and what they are like…


i wonder - do many of the resorts do anything special on easter sunday? i remember when i was young doing an easter egg hunt at the polynesian…i am looking int shipping costs to get them shipped down there.


We were there over Easter in 2003, al the Deluxe resorts had an Easter Egg hunt. We did the one at the Poly and it was fun. We packed the Easter baskets that pop up. Took up very little room. I packed a few treats from home and bought other items at WDW to fill the baskets.


i stayed at fort wilderness a while ago (i can’t remember exactly what year…but i think it may have been 1999) for easter, and they had an easter egg hunt right at the resort! it was great!