Easter Break Crowded?



I’ve got the okay to start thinking about a trip to WDW during the kids’ spring break the week after Easter. How bad are the crowds that time of year?

Also, we stayed at Polynesian last time and absolutely loooved it (location, amenities)!!! It was awesome. We don’t know whether to stay there again or go to the Animal Lodge. Any thoughts? We have a 5 year old and one that will be 16 months. We already know that we will probably spend most of our time at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. We didn’t get to see much of MK at all and my 5 year old is now totally into everything that is princess or disney.

Also, I’d love to get into Cinderella’s Royal Table for a meal, maybe breakfast. Any tips on getting a reservation?


We were there between April 7-9 this year and the crowds were pretty bad, although not Christmas bad.


Never been there for Xmas so I can not comment but as far as Easter goes
Its extremely BUSY. everywhere including the water parks dtd

So you know

hope this helps


The rule that we used to go by if the kids are not in school, expect busy times… :glare: As far as CRT, I have only gone for dinner, and we didnt eat any of the food, none of the kids liked any of it. The great part was watching fireworks of the window of the castle… :biggrin:


I personally think Easter break is worse than Christmas break crowd-wise. It’s going to be rather difficult to get CRT ressies for this week. You’ll probably want to book exactly 180 days in advance (since WDW ADRs are moving back to 180 days in advance, I’m assuming they’ll drop the 10+ for resort guests, but if not, then definitely take advantage). If you’re calling, then do a trial run and know what buttons to press (there’s a series of “press 1 if…”). If you’re booking online, then I’m not sure if ADRs become available at midnight or 7am (opening for phone ADRs). It is easier because online, you can put your ADR in your shopping cart, and no one can steal it as long as you’re active on the site within every twenty minutes. It’s a good idea to have your credit card handy, though.

I’d stay at the Polynesian because of it’s proximity to MK. From AK, you have to rely on bus transportation (it would probably be better just to drive your own vehicle). The Poly gives you the monorail and a water launch.

Is this week an absolute necessity, or can you go at other times during the year? Your children are very young… you might want to take advantage of the off-season.


I’ve been there for 4 successive New Year’s Eves and it is so crowded that routinely the MK is at capacity by mid afternoon and no new guests are even allowed in, unless en equal number exit. Yes it does ease up a bit as guests head out for dinner and to change for the evening, but by 9:30 it’s fully jammed again.
Also there are stages of closing. First they close the parking lot. Then they close the park to guests who are not staying in Disney hotels or are annual passholders. Finally, they just close the park when there are about 80,000 people inside. Epcot is also a madhouse!


I have been there last year during Easter and it was extremely busy. I know at AK it was litterally person to person trying to walk thru it. Will go again during Easter but will look at doing other things besides Disney though along with it.


Now I’m getting nervous (crowd wise). This is the first time we booked for Spring break, seeing DS will be preparing for college that coming summer. We will be there the week prior to Easter Sunday, which I knew when I booked, it would be bad because it’s the highest level on the DVC point chart, but hearing from first hand accounts, now it’s starting to sink in.

Well, maybe with the economy, people will still be shying away a little, so won’t be as bad as in the past. Will have to make due with our decision.


The Easter break was the busiest we’ve ever seen WDW and we’ve done just about every time other than Christmas and mid-summer.

Don’t panic, it was doable with a little planning each day. We’d get out early each day (0630 hours at the MK gate for a 7AM opening - still dark :eek: ). Break for lunch at resort, back later in evening.


The crowds will be awful, but who cares? You’ll be at Disney!

I have to say that you better book SOON if you decide to go that busy week!


Soory to butt in, but do you think the crowds will be better the week of the 20th? Here in Ma, we have that week off.



I wish we could go another time but my husband it will not let my kindergartener miss school (we differ opinions on that one).

The last time and only time we have gone before was in mid-Sept. It was nice crowd-wise but the heat and humidity were just ridiculous. I’ve talked to people who live in that area and we just so happened to pick a year that had an unusual weather pattern.

So booking now isn’t too early? Last time I booked 6 months in advance and I felt like I was being over zealous.

ADR’s are 180 days or 90? I read online that they were 90 days. I tried to book CRT online for the heck of it and it was only booking until 12/13 (when I tried it).

Thanks for the feedback! I am so excited to be going again. had to talk my husband into it. He is hesitant with a 16 month old but my 5 year old is soooo into the princess and disney stories right now it will be awesome. We’ll just have to plan another trip for when my younger one is 5! :slight_smile:


We are avid Spring Disney travellers, and we always AVOID the week before and after Easter…way too busy for us!!


another piece of advice - if your kids are not night owls - avoid the emh. the parks are worse than during the day. last year it took us almost 90 minutes to get from the castle to the front gate


As I remember the week of Easter the closer to Easter the busier it gets and then around the Thursday after Easter it starts to let up on the amount of people both times we have been have been either the last half of the week after Easter or check in the day before Easter. it is definately doable with planning and a easy going attitude.
At least I am lucky about our fall trip my DW and I are taking the girls out of school for the whole week of Halloween to go. Well a whole week in our district at that time is about 2 1/2 days of school for the week they have early dismissal on Wed. and teacher conference on Thur. and Friday so it won’t be that bad and we already have both their teachers on board for it and they are going to make sure all the work is done ahead or sent home for them to work on while we are driving. So if you had a week where your child was out of school for most of it talk to your DH and see and than check with the teacher see what they think it may end up not being as big a deal after all.



I’ve got the okay to start thinking about a trip to WDW during the kids’ spring break the week after Easter. How bad are the crowds that time of year?[/QUOTE]


Well, the four most expensive weeks are Christmas/New Years and both sides of Easter. There is a reason they charge MUCH more then…because they can!

Other people swear by these times, but you’ll NEVER see me there then.


I believe our visit was mere days before Good Friday. As such, you can well imagine how busy it was.


You can always submit a letter like the one below. Not sure if I found it here or another site but when I submit it to my DD’s school they’ll probably laugh at it before tossing aside. I’ll do it anyway for the fun of it though.:laugh:


TO: [school official]


RE: [students name and vacation dates]

Please be advised that [student] will be out of school during the week of . We ask that his absences be excused.

The reason for [student]'s absence is that our family will be out of the state during this week. While we are gone, we will be visiting Walt Disney World. We believe that [student] will be learning many things during this trip and that his education will continue in his absence from school.

Some things [student] will learn about:

• Different cultures of the world, including architecture, language, diet, and dress, by visiting the different countries in the Epcot World Showcase (Japan, China, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Canada, France, etc.) [student] will have the chance to explore the exhibits for each country and speak with natives from each country who work as cast members.
• American history by viewing the Hall of Presidents presentation in the Magic Kingdom and the American Adventure show in Epcot.
• Nature and conservation at Animal Kingdom.
• Science by exploring the Mission:Space ride in Epcot where he will have a chance to see and feel what it would be like to travel by rocket to Mars and by experiencing the Universe of Energy exhibit which teaches about fossil fuels, energy, and conservation.
• Economics by managing his own spending money and making budget decisions on how to spend his money.

[student] will also be learning about map reading by navigating in and to the different theme parks, as well as the resorts and water parks via the Disney bus system, sociological aspects of crowds including patterns and behavior, physics of the different rides, breakthroughs in technology at the Innoventions computer lab in Epcot, art and animation and the history of film, and mathematics.

We believe this will be a wonderful and educational experience for [student] and hope you agree not to charge him with unexcused absences as a result. If it is possible for [student] to take any assignments with him to be turned in when we return or to turn in before we leave any work that will be due while he is gone, please let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this. If you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

[Parent’s Signture]_________[/I]