Easter Decorations?


We’re tentatively planning for our trip to be March 15th-18th, 2010. Will there be any sort of Easter decor going on? Or even St Patrick’s day decor? I just thought of this and thought that it would be neat if the kids got to see it. If so, do the resorts get into the spirit? We’re planning on POFQ.



I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Easter decorations. It’s possible that unlike Christmas, which is a mass marketing retail holiday (and you can have plenty of decorations without a baby Jesus) Easter is pretty much about the Resurrection (bunnies and eggs not withstanding) and corporately, Disney would not want to be too overt with religious symbolism.
I’m almost certain I’ve never seen St Patrick’s Day decorations.
But don’t feel bad. I’ve never seen any decorations for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


Thanks Soundgod. I couldn’t remember ever seeing anything about Easter decor or etc. It was worth a shot.


We’re usually there every year right before Easter and I’ve never seen any Easter decor…just a few Easter items for sale in gift shops.