Easter Sunday at MK


Are there special events planned for this day at MK?


I’m sure there are. I wish I could go,but I have to sing and play the guitar at my church’s sunrise service.


The Magic Kingdom has a really cute easter parade. I was there on Easter Sunday in 2000 and had the pleasure of seeing it. I am not sure what other things they have going on at WDW, but I am almost certain there is more. Have you tried looking on the official site for events that are scheduled?


yup … Intercot site as well … I just tried making ADR and the lady was pretty much laughing at me … not much available.


in the magic kingdom will have the Easter Parade on Abc this Easter. Please! tell me i need to record the tv.:confused:


That is a crazy week at WDW. Please be sure to be on hand for the rope drop so you can get on those headliner ride before the crowds get to big. Take breaks every day too…Like I said, I have been there then and know first hand what you are going to be up against. I’m sure you do too. :heart:


Here’s an article on SPENDING EASTER AT WDW from allears. I haven’t read it, but hope there’s some good information for ya!



WDW Easter will be SCARY crowded. I’d bear that in mind.:mickey:


We fly in the monday after Easter, but will not be at Disney until that Friday. Hopefull some of the crowds leave. Half our trip is in Peak season, and the other half is normal (or value - can’t remember)
Have fun!


If you are staying at one of the deluxe resorts, they have an easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. We were at the Poly , Easter Sunday '04 and it was really fun for DD who was 4 at the time.
The Easter Bunny, Daisy and Donald ( dressed in their Easter best) were there for photos.
They had roped off areas by age group. DD got a lot of candy!
To participate they did as for resort ID’s
We went to the MK after dinner and it was still pretty crowded!
We spent the day enjoying the Egg hunt and the pool!
Have fun!


Regular season…we check in on the first day of it!! Looks like our trips will overlap!

As for Easter…I’m sure it will be VERY crowded - but hey, it’s still WDW! Be sure to catch the special parade at MK, I’ve heard it’s great.


With many schools combining their spring breaks with the Easter holiday, I would expect crowds to be busy the week before and after Easter.